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Mujik [iPhone, Sound]



Mujik is a music creation tool that allows you to create compositions by the use of symbolic illustrated graphic elements instead of button and slider interfaces commonly used in music applications on the desktop and the iPhone.

By using a 3-track system, which is represented in the form of books on the shelves, you use a tone-matrix 8 step sequencer to create your compositions. You manipulate the pitch of each of your tracks by tilting your iPhone which is again represented in the form of a beautifully illustrated Air Balloon which slides across the screen. A variety of instruments (samples) are available and even thought  at the moment you can’t save your creations, nor use your own sounds, these are the features planned for future updates.

Mujik is an attempt by Edinburgh-based Lucky Frame to introduce a fun, accessible, and intuitive way to music creation. I, unfortunately am left slightly disappointed as the only thing that separates this app from other music apps is it’s graphical representation where the tools you use to create the actual music are those commonly available in the Appstore. Mujik is nevertheless a good attempt to maybe introduce music creation to a younger audience or those new to making music altogether. Those accustomed to more traditional slider and button interfaces should stay away as you may feel Mujik lacking features. If you have been intimidated by sophisticated music creation tools available in the appstore, you should definitely give Mujik a go. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to begin creating music.

Lucky Frame is an Edinburgh-based company that received critical acclaim with the Wii LoopMachine, creative music software for the Wii remote, and a recent Gelkies project which I absolutely loved (synthesizers built inside of jars)

To read more about Mujik or Lucky Frame’s other projects visit

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free for limited period only
Developer: Lucky Frame

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