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OscilloScoop [iPhone, iPad, Sound]


Created by Scott Snibbe and Graham McDermott and designed by Lukas Girling, “OscilloScoop” is a culmination of about 15 years’ effort trying to create musical creation tools that is more like a video game. The process began back in the 90’s at a research lab when Scott Snibbe and Lukas Girling worked briefly with Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson on some of the concepts. Wired published an article about this topic written by Brian Eno in 1999 that included some insights from the period.

The app, playfully called OscilloScoop, presents a trio of brightly colored stacked spinning crowns. Touching a crown trims or builds up its edge, like a spinning disk of clay. As you carve into this disc, the music changes, and you effortlessly produce hip hop, techno, electro, and other recognisable forms of music. Scott Snibble describes the process much like a DJ spinning records, but you create original music of your own, rather than merely cutting between tracks.

Lukas Girling: “The aim of OscilloScoop is to devise something extremely immediate, to take away the involved, complex, technical process of creating electronic music with professional software. It’s literally as easy as turning a volume dial, but instead of just making music louder or softer, you are able to create endless variations of the music itself, within recognizable electronic music genres.”

Scott describes the inspiration and process on his site:

Working together, Lukas and I created several prototype interactive music “instruments” that used the language of DJs to create music in lieu of the traditional score/performance model. Lukas opened up my mind to real- time methods for creating music with the body’s most subtle movements that didn’t require a traditional music theory education: instruments that used body language borrowed from DJ’s fingertips and palms sliding across records and mixers. We had a fruitful collaboration on projects that our small audience adored; and we came close a few times to deals with major video game companies, but unfortunately our work was neverpublicly released. Read more..

OscilloScoop is now available in the AppStore as a universal app for both iPad and iPhone.

Platform: iPhone/iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Scott Snibbe Studio

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