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Paper Electronics by Coralie Gourguechon

Patrons de modules1

Coralie Gourguechon is a designer and a paper electronics maker. Her projects aim to to demystify electronics by simplifying the execution of simple circuits in a graphical way and using paper. In one of the projects, the components are presented as icons to facilitate their placement on the circuit. The assembly of components is made with conductive glue, and the tracks are made with a special pen delivering conductive ink. The user is invited to connect various elements of the circuit with the help of operating instructions, which creates a link between the conventional diagram of an electronic circuit and the simplified version.

In the most recent project, Speaker with amplifier / model of principle, an anatomical chart presents the hidden operating system in a graphical way, designed as an educational tool. Here, the anatomical chart looks like a skinned speaker, with components left visible, and signs that visually represent their technical role. The speaker cone is detached from the sheet, and spreads out to form a mechanical amplification of the sound system, and the position of the cone is also an indicator of operation.When flat, the speaker is turned off, as the folding close the circuit, creating a switch system mechanically.

planche anatomique de haut-parleur2planche anatomique de haut-parleur1

Coralie is also the author of Craft Cameraa simplified D.I.Y digital camera that uses a carboard case and Arduino. All the elements are Open Source, allowing users to master the use and the life expectancy, or to build it as Do It Yourself.

Coralie Gourguechon

Patrons de modules3DSC_2520 - CopieDSC_2509circuit  relier