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Phantom Power – Exoskeleton analog synthesizer

Created and performed by Yingjie Bei, Phantom Power is an exoskeleton analog synthesizer. Built as a man/machine interface instrument, the device is performed with hand gestures and screwdrivers by manipulating the circuit. The performance in the video below took place at the ITP NIME 2015 @ the Bell House Brooklyn in December 2015.

Yingjie Bei is a digital media designer currently a master candidate at ITP-TISCH-NYU designing digital objects that are emotional, tangible and connect users and technology in creative, communicative and engaging way.

Additional credits: Greg Shakar, T.K. Broderick, Jason Sigal, Jingwen Zhu, Koen Holtkamp

Project Page | Yingjie Bei | Yingjie’s Blog

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