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Records [iPhone, Sound]



Records is a Japanese independent record label brought to you by Delaware that only exists on iPhone/iPodTouch. Distributed via the AppStore, featuring now 6 apps (compilations), Re<ords apps are a new spin on distributing music. Instead of going via iTunes, Re<ords acknowledge opportunity to add value to music in the form of interactive experience or what I like to refer to as “designer apps” or collectables.

Each app is individually designed and includes a spinning vinyl with custom designed label. You also receive an artwork which you can zoom into. You can “scratch” the record, move forward or even flip (by flipping your phone) to the B-Side. Each side holds one track (some with 3 costing more), lasting around 3 minutes each, in total, giving your 6 minutes of total breakbeat, sample pleasure. Check the site for youtube clips of each app.

Coming soon is also the zar+Mo Label, offering classical music, early jazz and other traditional sounds.

Delaware is an art collective from Japan. Their work covers the wide range of fields from cross stitch to installations to live performances. They refer to themselves as ‘Artoonists’, a combination of Art and Cartoon. Working from the simplicity of the square as a fundamental part of thinking, nobly aiming at impressing the viewer. The collective, formed in 1993 by Masato Samata, has had a great track record and a number of exhibitions with different projects. In 2004 they published a wonderful book by the name of Designin’ in the Rainread more on 8bittoday

Platform: iPhone
Version: /
Cost: $1.99 – $3.99
Developer: Delaware