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Resonating Rotation of a Rigid Body – Matteo Crivella

Created by Matteo Crivella, Resonating Rotation of a Rigid Body is a sonic apparatus that combines sound frequency, vibration and physical property of materials. A carefully designed object is left standing on a vibrating plate at given frequency. A modified speaker works as a vibrating driver that uses Pure Data to produce the appropriate frequency to generate vibrations in the body that start to rotate around its vertical symmetry axis at a corresponding frequency.

The conversion from vibrating to rotating energy is mediated by an asymmetric friction against the ground, and by elastic energy temporarily stored in the body. In order to make the body rotate, it is essential that the body is bent to one side when lying to the vibrating plate. The unbalanced distribution of its mass allows to release the inner tension caused by vibrations in a way wich enables the body to rotate.

Rotation depends on the shape of the body and on the amount and distribution of its mass. The rotation frequency increases as the shaking amplitude is increased. The outcome is either acoustic or visual. The sound is manipulated in such a way as to generate the necessary energy to produce the restraint/sculptural movement of the bodies.

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