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Sampletoy [iPhone, Sound]


From the author of Thump comes his latest app Sampletoy. As it’s name would imply, Sampletoy is about having fun with sound. At it’s core, Sampletoy is a simple sampler. It lets you record audio using the iPhone microphone and play it back at different pitches. You can set the loop points for the recording and play multiple copies of it at the same time using the multitouch note area. You have control over the pitch range, filter and delay effects and looping parameters. The interface is easy to use and the important parameters are up front at your fingertips. Settings can be saved and you can email yourself recordings of your ‘performances’.

Sampletoy was created using OpenFrameworks, which is a simple C++  Framework for doing low-level graphics and sound on a variety of platforms. OpenFrameworks is emerging as a viable alternative to ObjectiveC for iPhone development. It’s well suited to games, music apps and anything else that requires high performance and doesn’t require the standard UIKit components.

Overall, Sampletoy it is a nice little instrument with a lot of potential creative uses. Check it out.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Marek Bereza


  • Nanoloop [iPhone, Sound]Nanoloop [iPhone, Sound] Originally developed for Game Boy, Nanoloop music sequencer, synthesizer and sampler by Oliver Wittchow is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. First released in 1999, Nanoloop for the gameboy has attracted a great following and even though the gameboy may be out of date today the device is still used to compose and manipulate loops thanks to Oliver's nanoloop app (see video below). The latest Version 2.3 will also work on Game Boy Advance (including GBA, GBA SP, GB micro, DS, DS lite). The new iPhone version follows the same basic structure and design concept of the original Game Boy version but has been fully optimised for the iPhone. Nanoloop for iPhone combines sequencer, synthesizer and sampler in one package. Features include: - Clear, minimalistic graphical interface - Pattern-based stepsequencer - 6 channels, each can be synth or sampler - Song editor with loop function - Synthesizer with envelope, filter, lfo and other parameters - Save function - Send and receive projects via e-mail, using the iPhone's e-mail program The simple but powerful synthesizer allows to create a great bandwidth of sounds, including beats, noises, basses and pads. Samples can be recorded via microphone (iPhone only), headset microphone (iPhone, iPod touch 2nd gen only) and from nanoloop's own sound output. With nanoloop, you can send your saved projects via e-mail. If nanoloop is installed on the recipient's iPhone / iPod, she/he can simply tap on the file name to start nanoloop and import the attached file. This way, multiple users can work on the same project by simply e-mailing the file back and forth. I have only had few minutes to play this morning and I am very impressed. The UI is consistent, clean and overall feel of the app is fantastic. Nothing is there that shouldn't be there, just a pure focus on the task at hand, making music. Platform: iPhone Version: 1.0 Cost: $8.99 Developer: Oliver Wittchow UPDATE 22.02.2010: Oliver was very kind to send us 5 promocodes to share with our readers. If you would like one, please leave a comment below and we'll random pick 5 lucky winners later today. 10 of 12 tutorials on how to use Nanoloop on gameboy. See them all […]
  • ProLoop [iPhone, Sound]ProLoop [iPhone, Sound] ProLoop is an audio loop playing and sound experimentation app from Trapcode. It features a pretty cool looking interface that shows the waveform of each loop as it plays. It can play up to 6 loops and you can mix and pan each independantly. Where ProLoop shines is it's ability to mangle your loops by repitching them or performing various modulations on them (using other loops as a modulation source). You can also pitch shift loops by musical amounts, and you have control over quantization. It comes bundled with an assortment of strange loops and offers the ability to load your own loops. Other looping apps, such as Looptastic also let you play and mix loops (with an easier interface), but ProLoop should appeal to experimental, ambient, and noise oriented folks who like to play with sounds live. Peder of Trapcode sent us 5 promocodes to giveaway. If you would like one, please leave a comment below and we'll random pick 5 people tomorrow. About Trapcode: Trapcode makes software for visual effects and motion graphics. Started in 2001 by Peder Norrby the focus is on creating groundbreaking, robust technology that is easy to start using for beginners and has many complex features for advanced users. Platform: iPhone Version: 1.0 Cost: $4.99 Developer: Trapcode See also Slice [iPhone, Sound] by The Strange […]
  • Flourish [iPhone, Sound]Flourish [iPhone, Sound] Flourish is a musical toy and composition tool for the iPhone. The helvetica bold and beautiful interface allows you to quickly build diverse and complex arrangements. Organised around clusters of objects, each elements has it's own loop and is triggered by it's arrangment and proximity to other elements. The app includes example compositions to have a play with and although slightly tricky to understand at first you will quickly find yourself creating very interesting sound as well as graphic compositions. Features: - Record loops with expressive multi-touch keyboards. - Generate percussive and melodic sequences. - Build arrangements by ear or by eye. - Select from a consonant collection of instruments. - Sequence loops by connecting them in chains. Click here for more images of Flourish on Picasa. Platform: iPhone Version: 1.0 Cost: $2.99 Developer: Explore and Create […]
  • Records [iPhone, Sound]Records [iPhone, Sound] Records is a Japanese independent record label brought to you by Delaware that only exists on iPhone/iPodTouch. Distributed via the AppStore, featuring now 6 apps (compilations), Re<ords apps are a new spin on distributing music. Instead of going via iTunes, Re<ords acknowledge opportunity to add value to music in the form of interactive experience or what I like to refer to as "designer apps" or collectables. Each app is individually designed and includes a spinning vinyl with custom designed label. You also receive an artwork which you can zoom into. You can "scratch" the record, move forward or even flip (by flipping your phone) to the B-Side. Each side holds one track (some with 3 costing more), lasting around 3 minutes each, in total, giving your 6 minutes of total breakbeat, sample pleasure. Check the site for youtube clips of each app. Coming soon is also the zar+Mo Label, offering classical music, early jazz and other traditional sounds. Delaware is an art collective from Japan. Their work covers the wide range of fields from cross stitch to installations to live performances. They refer to themselves as ‘Artoonists’, a combination of Art and Cartoon. Working from the simplicity of the square as a fundamental part of thinking, nobly aiming at impressing the viewer. The collective, formed in 1993 by Masato Samata, has had a great track record and a number of exhibitions with different projects. In 2004 they published a wonderful book by the name of Designin’ in the Rain... read more on 8bittoday Platform: iPhone Version: / Cost: $1.99 - $3.99 Developer: […]