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Sampletoy [iPhone, Sound]


From the author of Thump comes his latest app Sampletoy. As it’s name would imply, Sampletoy is about having fun with sound. At it’s core, Sampletoy is a simple sampler. It lets you record audio using the iPhone microphone and play it back at different pitches. You can set the loop points for the recording and play multiple copies of it at the same time using the multitouch note area. You have control over the pitch range, filter and delay effects and looping parameters. The interface is easy to use and the important parameters are up front at your fingertips. Settings can be saved and you can email yourself recordings of your ‘performances’.

Sampletoy was created using OpenFrameworks, which is a simple C++  Framework for doing low-level graphics and sound on a variety of platforms. OpenFrameworks is emerging as a viable alternative to ObjectiveC for iPhone development. It’s well suited to games, music apps and anything else that requires high performance and doesn’t require the standard UIKit components.

Overall, Sampletoy it is a nice little instrument with a lot of potential creative uses. Check it out.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Marek Bereza