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Samplr for iPad – Music at your fingertips

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Created by Marcos Alonso, Samplr lets you make music and play with sound in a new and intuitive way by touching the waveform on the screen directly with your fingers. It allows you to explore the sounds melody and texture using the different play modes and create your music compositions with the gesture recorder.

With an interface designed for live performance, Samplr gives the musician quick and precise access to all the instrument functionality at any time. Unlike other apps that try to recreate real life instruments or interaction concepts from traditional computers Samplr was designed from the very beginning for Multi-Touch devices.

The app includes 7 different play modes: Slicer, Looper, E-bow, Tape, Scratch, Keyboard and Loop Player; 6 simultaneous samples (with 6 voices each); 5 sound effects per sample: Distortion, Filter, Amplitude Modulator, Feedback Delay and Reverb; Gesture recorder; High quality audio engine; Detailed user guide; Import your own samples (WAV) through iTunes.; Ready to use sample library.

Learn more and see it in action at: or Download from the AppStore ($4.99)







Loop Player

  • H.Harrison

    Looks like the op-1 was a big inspiration in this. Really looking forward to buying this when I can afford an iPad.

  • Felix

    I download it, so cool!

  • I’ve tried this. It’s real multitouch reimagination of audio sampler interface. Must have for everyone who use sample based instruments for their music.