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Slice [iPhone, Sound]



Now, not because The Strange Agency buy ad space on CAN, but because every app these guys release is plain simple awesome. Their new app Slice is just as awesome as Spoke and Sound Scope Space we already wrote about.

The team calls it: The ultimate DJ experience, Slice lets you juggle broken beats like a pro DJ with an absolutely unique touch interface. Jump around the loop, rearrange its pieces, select portions to make shorter loops, add and tweak echo effects, all in real time as the loop keeps playing!

I do have reservations about the skinned interface and to be honest I much preferred the original prototype (see movie below) but I can understand TSA wanting to appeal to the mainstream audience also. Their other apps are a little more honest to their function but Slice is slightly overdressed. Looks to one side, Slice is a fun little app that comes pre-loaded with some slick beats, but you can also add your own. Slice, chop, rearrange, loop, echo, should make your $0.99 go a long way.

See demo video below + more info on TSA’s site.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: The Strange Agency