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‘Sona’ by Ruslan Gaynutdinov – A game of sound networks (ECAL)

Created by Ruslan Gaynutdinov, the project investigates ways sound can be visualised and how the spectator can be immersed in simple sound based geometric compositions. Sona is an experimental game for the iPad inspired by the classic “Simon game”. The universe is composed of enigmatic sound paintings that the spectator must solve through simple interactions. The game is played with headphones to focus attention on the sound.

The project allowed Ruslan to study in detail the acoustic phenomena and how we store and perceive sounds. By connecting different elements in the game, networks are formed which simultaneously produce sounds. Networks can be broken, other nodes connected, each time dramatically changing the music composition.

The app was created using openFrameworks and is still in development stage.

Tutor: Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland
Bachelor Media & Interaction Design

    • scott mc laughlin

      nice, you will let us know when this released won’t you :)

    • jack

      nice,however i hope they credit tc-11 for some of the interface ripoffs

    • Maftrack

      Like it… And I wann it… ;)