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Sound Yeah [iPad, Sound, openFrameworks]


Sound Yeah is the latest application currently in development by Henry Chu, the same name behind Squiggle we mentioned few weeks back. I asked Henry  about the new app and this is what he said:

In the beginning I wanted to create a digital toy to record and play sound, with some creative controls like scratching. After playing the prototype for a while, I added more functions. In edit mode I can adjust the volume, attack, release, playing speed. Also there are some utility tools like copy, paste and trim, helps you to manage the clips. In play mode, I can tap to play a clip, or I can drag in circles to scratch the clip. If I wind the clip and drag away, it will loop the clip at the speed it was dragged.

Henry used openFrameworks to build Sound Yeah. He started off from the default audio-in and audio-out example available in the examples folder of oF. The sound is generated from the sound buffer, so its a time-based approach, he writes. In addition he also wrote some classes for the UI (which we absolutely love) as well as a DIY cable to split the microphone and headphone so he can connect to other sound source using line-in, rather than the build-in microphone. See video below of him perform with the app.

Henry hasn’t submitted Sound Yeah to Apple just yet but expects this to happen very soon.

In the meantime, you can follow the progress by following Henry on vimeo. We will, of course, post as soon as the app is available.

UPDATE 05.08.2010 // Added 2 new videos. See below.

Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $4.99
Developer: PillAndPillow

  • David

    Totally excited to play with this app. Looks amazing

  • Dmaz1

    might be cool but demos sound like crap. i wonder why so many people come up with new technology only to make the same redundant music and sounds. The Beatles would have laughed at your demos, but made something brilliant on their own with…or without the technology here. it goes to show…you cannot create or replace artistry.

  • Suenteus

    Probably because he’s one guy who has spent countless hours (certainly longer than it took Lennon to write All you need is love) developing this new instrument for artists like the Beatles to use as a channel for their ideas. Rather than criticizing why don’t you take the tool yourself and make something full of artistry?

  • Meco

    It doesn’t work properly on the iPad2… Any thoughts why?
    For instance the loop function doesn’t work.
    Also Squiggle isn’t fully functional on the iPad2…
    Could it be something with OpenFrameworks?

  • Meco

    Hey Henry, please fix Sound Yeah for the iPad2…

  • J’Andrés

    Looks like fun and probably useful for performances. ONLY if one can program loops with precision (Tempo, pitch). Sounds quality is no good, could be a cool drum machine, overall not worth the buy. Loopstactic or Jamble are better and funner.