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Sound Revival – Visual identity and objectification of digital sound effects

Created by James Boock at the RCA’s Design Product (led by Yuri Suzuki and Oscar Diaz), Sound Revival is a range of objects and custom 3-Way sound system for a musician to use as tools for sound effects when performing. 
The objects use the analogue means of materials and mechanical movements to manipulate sound and include Tremolo, Reverb, Delay and Mouth Modulation effects.

Sound Revival aims to create a greater understanding of how sound effects are generated and gives visual identity to something unseen as a result of digital technology. Objectifying these effects brings intrigue back into the DJ performance and brings listeners and performer together.


↑ From L→R: Tremolo (red), Voice Modulation (green), Delay (blue), Reverberation (yellow)

The reverb is created with transducers and springs. The audio signal is sent up the spring, collected at the other end and transferred to the output. The structure and material qualities of the spring create the reverberation. The Delay is created using magnetic tape where audio is recorded using a microphone and played back on multiple tape heads at different times creating the delay effect. The Tremolo effect is created by rotating the sound output – adaptable to multiple speeds this rotation creates the pulsing Tremolo effect. Finally, Voice Modulation uses a compression technique where the sound is channeled out of an air tight speaker through a tube which is placed into the users mouth. The output sound is then modulated by movement of the mouth.

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