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StiloPhone [iPhone, Sound, openFrameworks]



I do wonder whether submitting an unfinished app to the AppStore will get you a post on CAN, ie if you can get it pass Apple. I repeatedly mention to developers that we love playing with things ‘in progress’, sketchy, unfinished, unskinned, buggy apps as there is something really interesting in how apps become apps without all the glitz, UI dress and final colouring in. I also think that, like in this instance, some developers think that their app will go unseen considering the 500 releases/updates daily in the AppStore. Of course, what they don’t realise that we at CAN scan through AppStore daily for quirky, new, interesting apps even though this process can sometimes be quite tedious.

StiloPhone is one of those apps. Call it ‘work in progress’ or just a ‘test’, considering that electronic is also spelt “eletronic”, single screenshot, things are off-centre, suggests that guys at stilomatic just wanted to see what happens. I have been wondering whether to post anything about this app but considering it’s functionality is quite interesting and you, the reader, might actually enjoy this.

Built using openFrameworks StiloPhone is an interesting, fun, buggy soundtoy for your iPhone/iPod Touch. It allows you to create compositions using three methods; First method, which repeatedly crashes the App is something to do with drawing circles. The second method “grid” is a basic tonematrix with some quite interesting samples built in. The third is called “random” and it includes lots of particles bouncing around the screen somewhat generating the sound. I couldn’t quite figure what was going on but all quite interesting nevertheless.

Now, if any of this sounds at all interesting to you, it will be $1.99 for your to download this fun yet buggy little app. Alternatively, you could always wait for an update but considering that this may never happened you may be left in the dark wondering if you missed out on something special. So I leave this decision to you and if you like what you see below the decision should be easy…or not =]

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: stilomatic


  • Pighood

    VERY half-baked. Low volume, buggy as hell, vanilla sounds.

  • stilomatic

    At first, thanks guys i never though to get so soon a review from your site.

    Actually yes you get the point it was a test but, in my study the main thing is the action and the feedback, i am an interaction designer more then a technologist.

    You didn't put pictures of the circle scenario actually that make me think it was too difficult to understand how it works…

    The circle scenario:
    Tap n drag! a tap draw a circle the drag expand the circle, any circle generate a sound wave related it's position and diameter. You can have a sequence of 8 circles… maybe more i don't remember

    Any circle deform its shape as the sound wave.

    Now i should implement in a rush an amplitude modulator.

    Thanks for all the feedbacks.