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Tunetrace – iOS app by Ed Burton converts drawings to music

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Created by Ed Burton, formerly of SodaPlay, and now at Queen Mary, University of London, Tunetrace transforms photographs of drawings into music. The app uses OpenCV and OpenFrameworks to first find edges in your photographs, reduce them to polylines and use them as paths for different tones.

Tunetrace has been created for iPhone and iPad, and is the latest music-making app to be developed by QApps, Queen Mary’s app development venture, which aims to turn research and expertise into useful and exciting smartphone technology.

In theory computers are predictable because they obey simple rules. However I find programming computers to be full of mystery and surprise. Every novel line of code is an experiment. Unexpected results often seem mysterious at first, the surprises are fun and I’m always learning from experience. It’s a lot like play. I made Tunetrace interpret the lines of a drawing as lines of code so that anyone who can doodle can feel some of the mystery and surprise of programming. – Ed Burton

Tunetrace is based on EPSRC funded research as part of Computer Science for Fun and supported by ImpactQM, a three-year research project funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Queen Mary Innovation.

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