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27/08/2012 / Android, Sound

Created by Jonas Breme, Listen Carefully is about raising awareness about music experience and a critique of digital music consumption aiming to spark debate about how we buy and experience music today. Avoiding passive experience, custom designed pair of headphones allow users to focus by ...
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20/01/2012 / c++, Objects, Other

Still Life by Scott Garner is an interactive wall piece that takes traditional still life painting and ads a motion-sensitive frame on a rotating mount. Years ago I had the idea of a still life painting that wasn’t so still, but ...
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19/01/2012 / iOS

Considering that your usual daily environment apparently contains somewhere between 5k - 10k objects (ref), Configuration Space by Sam Kronick should provide a nice breakout zone. Sam refers to it as "A minimalist tool for re-imaging/re-imagining familiar spaces", the app generates an ...
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14/10/2011 / c++, Games, iOS, Mac

Karl D.D. Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott E. Hudson and Moshe Mahler have just released details of their latest project at Disney Research, a novel interactive system that allows multiple people to play and work together using a custom handheld device. The device ...

08/05/2011 / c++, Games, iOS

The MotionBeam is a project by Disney Research that explores the use of handheld projectors to interact and control projected characters. Similarly to the project by AirCord 'Mobile Runner' the project explores physical movement of the projection device, much like a motion ...

19/12/2010 / Objects

Troblion is an autonomous spherical robot that rolls in an oval partially irrigated sandbox. Following very simple programmed rules the sphere creates a variety of different motion characteristics that can be interpreted as emotions. While it is rolling, it builds ...

18/08/2010 / iOS, openFrameworks

Latest is the series of sound apps from Henry Chu is SoundGyro, a sound toy that uses iPhone 4's gyroscope to alter pitch, octave or change the key. The app is still in development and Henry is still working on developing ...

16/08/2010 / Games

a retro rhythm racing beat ‘em up action and one of our favourite iPhone games ever is making it's way to Nintendo Wii. If you haven't played it before, Lilt Line is a wonderful example of when hardware and software ...

15/12/2009 / Games, iOS

VernX is an action puzzle game built using a custom game engine that allows you to interact with up to two hundred and twenty moving objects on screen at any given time. The goal of the game is to guide 50 ...

19/10/2009 / iOS, openFrameworks

Not particularly well animated nor programmed, Mobile Runner is more of a proof of concept than anything else. What it also shows that you don't have to develop an awesome app / interface to engage. It is the imagination that ...

18/09/2009 / Games, iOS

Fozwot is a beautiful tilt and swerve iPhone game adventure through stunningly crafted gothic world created by Lofopi games studio. You play Fozwot, a punky caterpillar like creature. As you tilt your iPhone or iPod touch, he dynamically twists, turns, stretches ...

31/07/2009 / Featured, Theory

Morse Code does not need much introduction but for the case of argument it may be relevant to understand the cause of discovery before we address issues why this may be relevant now when more sophisticated methods of communicate are ...

24/06/2009 / iOS


02/06/2009 / iOS, openFrameworks

PhiLia 01 is a new iPhone application created by the the Austrian visual artist Lia, one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art who has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. The app is ...

25/02/2009 / Games, iOS


11/02/2009 / iOS

From time to time an app appears in the AppStore that draws your intention in beyond the eye candy, fancy menus or text that has been perfected to a point where each character has been considered over and over again. ...

13/01/2009 / iOS

The iPhone's built-in accelerometer has created a world of opportunities for developers to create applications that are engaging, creative, innovative and fun. Here we bring you 10 creative ways the accelerometer has been used, from games to photography, music and ...