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Action Painting [openFrameworks]

Action Painting, also refereed to as Masculine Expressionism is the latest project by Jeremy Rotsztain that using data from action movies as material generates a series of “action paintings” in the style of Jackson Pollock. In Action Painting, gestures are extracted from action film sequences (car chase movies, fight scenes, explosions, etc.) and used as material to […]


Minima [iPhone, Games]

Caught between ‘Space invaders’ and a racing game, Minima is a simple, yet absolutely stunning virtual LED action extravaganza. Change your color to survive in the jungle of pixels, yellow, pink, violet, make the right choice at the right time. You are playing a pixel displayed on a white line at the bottom part of the screen. […]


Canabalt [iPhone, Games, Flash]

This should come as no surprise as this is one game everyone is currently talking about. After first appearing as a flash game (we tweeted) soon the word spread of iPhone port, fast paced, action, adrenalin pumping Canabalt is now available for the iPhone. It doesn’t need much introduction nor description. A single button running […]