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17/04/2013 / Flash, Games

Created by Brent Watanabe, "for(){};", 2013 includes projection mapped video game on canvas. In for(){}; there is no beginning or end to the game, just collecting and wandering, birthing and consuming, an arbitrary point system rising until your inevitable death and the ...

25/04/2011 / iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

NodeBeat is a generative music app for the iPhone and iPad in the style of apps like Bloom. In it, gently drifting nodes interact with pulsing triggers producing minimal soundscapes. It offers several options to tailor the parameters of the ...

02/03/2011 / Flash

Created by Naoki Nishimura, Helvetica Face is a Livetype format font. This new Helvetica family font changes the “typeface” based on the posting of a new “face”. The site allows you to record your face within the font, adjusting the threshold ...

24/11/2010 / Flash, iPad, iPhone

From the makers of Computer Arts magazine, Visualator lets you create simple abstract imagery with your fingertips. Play with colour, shape and form to produce vibrant collages on the move. The app has launched with two tools - Gradulate and Triangulate and ...

22/11/2010 / Flash, WebApp

AV Clash is a Web-based project by Video Jack (André Carrilho and Nuno Correia, with Gokce Taskan) evolved AVOL – AudioVisual OnLine (2007), which allows the creation of audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. AV (AudioVisual) Clash ...
I have been following his work for some time now (10 years) but recently, at Flashbelt,  I had a pleasure of meeting Jared Tarbell and was deeply touched by his inquisitive nature. If you have seen Jared speak, or even better ...

05/05/2010 / Flash

SoBe ReSkin in an installation created for SXSW Interactive this year, utilising Flash to provide the public with an opportunity to "Virtually reskin yourself, then fool your friends". Few words from Dofl Y.H. Yun, Lead Developer on the project: This project has ...

05/04/2010 / Featured, Flash, Games, Tutorials

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to develop a very simple Defender-style game using the open-source Flixel 2 game library for Flash. Flixel was written by Adam Saltsman and extracted from a couple of his own Flash games, including Gravity ...

22/03/2010 / Flash, Sound

Digging in the Crates is an interactive installation by Roland Loesslein which attempts to explore Sampling as a production technology of modern music. Dynamic music data is navigated using modified turntables with information graphics helping understand the complex relationships that ...

01/03/2010 / Flash, WebApp

Created by onyro, toneglue is a musical mapping web application to visually display relationships, by similarity of music artists. Navigate endless networks of relating artists by first searching for a single artists and expanding relationships. The data is pulled from ...

26/02/2010 / iPhone

Sometimes we come across little jewels in the AppStore and such is the work of BeInteractive!. Yoshihiro Shindo is behind this little collective and the collection of apps in the AppStore are little experiments but nonetheless very inspiring bundles of ...

22/02/2010 / iPhone

KulerClock is a simple iPhone application by Hiroto Sugita that uses Adobe Kuler colour database to display time. Flick through the endless database of colour palettes by double clicking on the screen or swipe up and double tap to see ...

08/02/2010 / Flash

This is an experiment by Justin Windle aka Soulwire created as a result of a project where Justin needed to find a way of simulating digital interference on an image / video stream. Instead of using the graphics API or ...

02/02/2010 / Flash

Game history timeline designed, programmed and compiled for your viewing pleasure. An ongoing project using references from GameSpy, WIRED Magazine, Gamasutra, Mobygames,, Haroldito @ Flickr, Board game geek, Consollection, Wikipedia and others. Try it here (beta) Some background on the project Created ...

25/01/2010 / Flash, iPhone

Created by Takayuki Fukatsu, developer behind great titles such as Quad Camera and Tilt Shift Generator, comes a simple but beautifully designed experimental Metronome app. What is especially interesting is that this was created using Flash CS5. Takayuki doesn't reveal a ...

22/12/2009 / Flash, Games

Created by Anthony Mattox, Pulsus is a flash game in which players must solve puzzles by arranging objects in order to move particles from an emitter into goal points. The game is in part about solving puzzles, but also about ...

31/10/2009 / Flash

Created by Branden Hall & Joshua Davis, HYPE is a creative coding framework built on top of ActionScript 3. A major goal of HYPE is to allow newcomers to Flash and ActionScript to creatively play and express themselves while they are learning ...

03/08/2009 / Mac, Windows

Word Clock is a free typographic screensaver for Mac OS X and Windows. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting ...