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Bloom Skin – The wave installation for Elttob Tep Issey Miyake

Created by WOW Inc and programmed by Takashi Aoki and Fumihito Anzai, Bloom Skin is an installation for the display window of Elttob Tep Issey Miyake. The project is comprised a very light and thin cloth ‘organdie’ with 8 fans controlling the waving in the air. Using openFrameworks app, the 8 fans produce varying amount of uplift to create a wave effect […]


Captured [Processing, Arduino]

“Captured” is a temporary installation realised in May 2011 by Nils Völker and graphic designer Sven Völker at MADE Space in Berlin. The installation is comprised of four hanging walls with 304 framed graphic pages and a field of 252 inflatable silver cushions. Both artworks related to the theme of light and air and interact […]


Floating Forecaster [MaxMSP, iPhone]

Floating Forecaster is a project by Richard Harvey which includes a physical display that reinterprets information via hovering patterns and flowing movements. The installation also allows users to create patterns and sequences using either an iPhone app interface (c74) or a custom made MaxMSP sequencing program. In the earlier examples, project started as a way to visualise weather, […]