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Analog Vinyl Sampling [Analog]

Inspired by current sampling techniques, either as a piece of hardware or as software, Ishac Bertran takes an analog route emulating the audio tape cut&paste technique by literally cutting and pasting pieces of vinyl to create samples. Ishac tried out different techniques, from wire cutter to knife, to finally settle for laser, carefully considering laser power to […]


Kinetic Pavilion [iPad, Processing, Scripts]

This is a preliminary test model of a kinetic pavilion by Yannick Bontinckx and Elise Vanden Elsacker. The final model will contain 28 servo motors controlled by an Arduino Mega and a Duemilanove board all connected to Rhino & Grasshopper via FireFly. The demo movie below includes a TouchOSC & gHowl setup which allows the structure to be controlled via […]


Circuit Explorations [openFrameworks, Processing]

Eva Schindling (Austria) creates hardware and software solutions in the interdisciplinary zone between art, science, technology and design.  This project called “Circuit Explorations” is one of her last projects which studies in complex and emerging electronic circuits. “Circuit Explorations” addresses the questions if any system has the potential to show emergent behavior as long as […]

Brion Gyson with Dreamachine

Brion Gysin: Dream Machine [iPhone]

The New Museum will present “Brion Gysin: Dream Machine,” the first US retrospective of the work of the painter, performer, poet, and writer Brion Gysin (born 1916, Taplow, UK–died 1986, Paris). Along with the exhibition, the museum has launched an iPhone app, inspired by Gysin’s Dreamachine (1961). It is a kinetic light sculpture that utilizes […]


Unwrapping.. [Processing, openFrameworks]

Kyle McDonald and Golan Levin reading about domain shifting between polar and Cartesian geometries noticed that flowers make particularly interesting subjects for this transformation. Working with Golan’s open-source BloggieUnwarper panoramic-imaging software (see below) with some flower photographs from Flickr, the duo produced the “flower panoramas”. A modified version of the software — the FlowerUnwarper — was optimized […]


Monome x Arcade Buttons [MaxMSP, Objects]

Created using 64 traditional arcade buttons and MaxMSP patch, Travis‘s creation mimics the very popular monome devices. And here’s how pretty the final wiring looks! I still am going to tie everything up but I think it ended up really clean. Input boards on the left, output boards on the right. I tried a few wiring harnesses […]