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With over 100 sensors and 6.5 billion data points delivered in real-time, today the F1 is as much as about predicting the future as it is about shaving milliseconds on the circuit. In 1989, Ayrton Senna set the world’s fastest lap ...
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18/07/2013 / Processing

[caption id="attachment_37149" align="alignnone" width="640"] Black Swan, Portrait, Pigment Inkjet Print, 2013[/caption] Facial recognition software has been around for some time but like in the cases of  Cloud Face and Google Faces, the most interesting results come from when artists "misuse" algorithms to discover ...
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02/12/2011 / openFrameworks

Overscan by SoSoLimited is a permanently installed TV remixing artwork at a bar in Cambridge, MA (USA). Live television is fed into a PC running custom software, which analyzes, re-processes, and mutates the video signal and text data coming from ...

30/05/2011 / Arduino, Processing

'The Simple Act of Making a Mark' by Alan Rorie is a recursive drawing machine that attempts to abstract the creative process.The machine begins by looking at what is placed before it and detects patterns within it. The machine then ...

13/05/2011 / Sound, vvvv

Created by Lasal, graphic programmer, designer, VJ and computer artist based in Berlin, Hexagrama explores the quality of time and how the geometrical coincidences change our perception of the musical composition. Running in realtime, Hexagrama was created using vvvv with midi data send to ...