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Andreas Gysin

    novoline_browser_4 copy

23/10/2013 / Javascript

Created by Andreas Gysin, the project is a micro site for the dark, powerful and loud sound 7” record release by the German artist Novoline. While designing the cover Andreas was asked to leave a tiny white area somewhere on ...
    exampleout copy
Created by Andreas Gysin and used at a workshop in Belgrade. First documented at Last month at Resonate festival in Belgrade Andreas Gysin ran a workshop titled "Printshop With Processing" aimed at graphic designers who want to integrate Processing in their ...
    the_abyss_supsi_5 (1) copy
The Abyss is a 3d space where custom programs (creatures) can be built and released. By creating one or more creatures, this tutorial aims to provide an introduction into graphics, animation, interaction with Processing and expand the boundaries and the variety of ...
    processing_workshop01 copy

20/03/2012 / Events, Processing

Processing Paris is a series of workshops for artists and designers who wish to learn, develop and share their creative coding skills. Each year the team invites best professionals and teachers in the field to lead their workshops, catering for ...