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New “On the Web” Section on CAN

CAN is very selective when choosing what goes on the blog and what doesn’t. This can sometimes be a difficult task forcing us to make some hard choices. Until now we have used Twitter or Facebook to share those links to projects and news that just do not fit with the rest of the content […]


Best iPhone and iPad Projects of 2011

Another year of iPhone/iPad development but there haven’t been many apps that have caught our eye as there have been in the past. Nevertheless few that stood above the rest, both in their conception and how they make us think about technology. As an increasing number of apps saturate the AppStore, now in their 100s of thousands, […]


150 Promocodes! [iPhone, iPad, Giveaway]

CAN is two years old tomorrow and we have a “few” promocodes to share with you, in fact the 157 of them. Many thanks to all the developers and artists who have submitted their app codes for this giveaway. Please note that they are single use only and currently work in the US only (Apple decision). […]


1pxClock [iPhone]

With over a 100 clock apps in the AppStore it may be hard to decide which one you should to go for. Although many of them tell you about time, in a million different ways, from old clock to digital, none provide features that you would actually need from the clock app. For one being […]