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Pulsus [iPad, Games, Sound]

Created by Anthony Mattox, Pulsus for iPad is a game in which players must solve puzzles by arranging objects in order to move particles from an emitter into goal points. The game is in part about solving puzzles, but also about exploring and understanding a dynamic, engaging, system. The game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up […]


Seaquence [Flash, Sound]

Seaquence is an experimental musical petri-dish created by Ryan Alexander, Gabriel Dunne and Daniel Massey. Adopting a biological metaphor, Seaquence allows you to create and combine musical lifeforms into dynamic compositions. The way each lifeform looks and sounds is determined by the step-sequencer pattern you create, and other parameters you can tweak including their audio […]


NodalGenesis [Flash]

Created by Bernat Fortet Unanue from Barcelona, Nodal genesis is a constructive music generative flash piece where your task is to create nodes by following the mood of the music generated by their position. As the nodes output more intensity the music becomes more intense. NodalGenesis is the first version of Bernat’s Digital Design Degree Final Project […]