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Impulse 101 [AniGif]

Impulse 101 is a diptych, half painting/half beamer, 100% on the internet. Anthony Antonellis began with the 4 font characters of 8-bit Block ASCII, ░ ▒ ▓ █. The end results consists of two 100 x 100 cm canvases. The left (black) side is acrylic on canvas, while the right is a beamer projection of ASCII art […]


ExtraFile File Formats [Mac]

Created by Kim Asendorf, ExtraFile is conceptional software with practical usage. It’s main intention is to offer an alternative to the static system of image file formats. It is also an attempt to address an alternative image file format, a piece of art, far away from the mainstream and commercial standards. The freedom not to have to […]


AsciiLife [iPhone]

AsciiLife allows you to use your iPhone camera to see what is around you in Ascii Art, in real time. Created by Neomobili, you can now pan across your environment seeing live AsciiLife in 4 different modes; Black and white for simplicity, Color, Green for “terminal lovers” and my favorite: Black and red. Included also […]


AsciiMe [iPhone]

AsciiMe gives you the ability to create ASCII art on the fly. Using only letters from the alphabet, combined with any picture from your library or that you take with your camera, you can create Ascii interpretation of your picture with few clicks. Once created you can email these in both text and image formats or […]


ASCIImeo [WebApp]

ASCIImeo ( is a project by Peter Nitsch that renders Vimeo videos in three different textmodes. Here are some of Peter’s favorite videos in ASCII: Metamorphosis by Glenn Marshall MOTOR / AMBIENT REEL by KU-SCHNEIDER Magnetic Ink by flight404 Still Run by DANTE NOU Look At Me by Patrick Lawler Read more incl technical info on […]


ASCII Animation (Scripts)

“Morph” by Skylined is an ASCII-animation in the browser, using JavaScript. The animations are made up of two parts. The first one is a “Morph” effect between four different ASCII logos and the second part being Mandelbrot fractal look-alike zoom and rotation. Created by Skylined ASCII Animation (ASCIImation) “Morph” by Skylined (using JavaScript). (via DigitalTools)