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Benedikt Groß

Benedikt Groß's work is frequently noted here on CAN, so far in 2013 we've posted three of his projects. Since executing his inventive Avena+ Test Bed, which 'programmed' the biodiversity of a South German agricultural plot, he's teamed up with an American cartographer ...
    Avena_Field copy

03/07/2013 / Featured, Javascript, Processing

Created by Benedikt Groß, Avena+ Test Bed is a project that explores the relationship between landscape, agriculture and digital fabrication by intercepting the process of precision farming by generative design. The emphasis of the project lays in speculating about new ...
    Speculative Sea Levels copy

11/04/2013 / Mac, Processing, Windows

Created by Benedikt Groß, Speculative Sea Level Explorer is an application made using Processing that explores the possible effects flooding should the sea levels change as a result of global warming. The software also allows you to reverse the scenario, create dry land, go ...
    adrian1 copy

01/03/2013 / Featured, Javascript, Scripts

(above: #oneseccond by Philipp Adrian - A connection between 5522 people all across the world that have been active on Twitter within the timeframe of one second.) basil.js is a scripting library that has been developed at the Visual Communication Institute ...
    generative_design_08 copy

19/12/2012 / Featured, Review

"The main change in the design process achieved by using generative design is that traditional craftsmanship recedes into the background, and abstraction and information become the new principal elements."  Thus reads a rather pertinent nugget of wisdom tucked into the ...
    output_map_03top copy

02/11/2011 / Processing

Fascinated by ideas of mental maps and obtaining an insight into the person’s perception of the world by simply asking them to draw a map from memory, in his ongoing Design Interactions master, Benedikt Groß created a Processing application that allows ...