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13/11/2012 / Featured, Games, Theory

In 1958, the American physicist William Higinbotham created what is one of the first instances of what we would today call a modern "video game". The game, named Tennis For Two, was built at the Brookhaven National Laboratory for their ...

17/09/2012 / Featured, Processing, Tutorials

In this hands-on tutorial I will walk you through the steps needed to turn YOU into an interactive virtual polygon. How awesome is that? To realise our creative end goal we will be using Processing and several of it's contributed ...

25/08/2011 / CANApps, iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

Inspired by the natural phenomena of cloths and liquids, Ricardo Sanchez explores spring mesh dynamics using box2D physics. SpringMesh is an interactive cloth you can twist, pull and deform using multitouch or gravity. Created by Ricardo and published by apps.CAN, SpringMesh is ...

05/08/2011 / iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

"Flowerium" is an iPhone/iPad application that observes the grow of digital plants. The seed is sown when you touch the screen, it falls on the ground and the new bud is born. The flowers bloom when they grow and you can preserve ...
    Space Physics 1/2

28/01/2011 / Android, Games

Released in 2009 and developed by Camel Games, Space Physics is ... (ok, you guessed), a physics game for Android with something like, let's say, a "neo-retro-gaming-tron-like" design. Your goal is to help a little green ball reach a shiny star ...

06/12/2010 / Games, openFrameworks

Created by Lucas Werthein & Jason Aston, Boom Shakalaka is both a game and installation allowing visitors to engage with a game using physical interfaces. Included are a button, lever, and a domino, whilst the game is displayed on a ...

22/10/2010 / Cinder

Latest from David Wicks (sansumbrella) and selected for the WrittenImages book is this beautiful geometrical study created using Cinder. David writes: Jacob's Cave developed in response to seeing a range of helictite formations in a show cave in Missouri. Helictites grow downward, but also ...

15/10/2010 / iPad, openFrameworks

Created by Dofl Y.H Yun of Firstborn, DolfBall is an “air hockey” type game, fun for people and animals alike. Named after Firstborn Senior Developer, DoflBall meshes the iPad’s touchscreen capabilities with engaging and fun multiplayer gameplay. Dofl and the Firstborn team ...

21/09/2010 / iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

Horizons is a interactive sound toy which brings together the atmospheric sounds of Eli Murray (Gentleforce) and generative visuals of Lukasz Karluk. The app is an exploration of colour, sound and form. The design of the piece focuses on creating subtle colour refractions ...
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13/07/2010 / iPad, iPhone

Designed by Mike Tucker, PopClock is a fun new clock app created using the Cocos2d framework. Time is laid out in the circles which from time to time 'pop' resulting in various collisions amongst other circles. Double tapping changes the ...

05/06/2010 / iPad, openFrameworks

Created by Aircord lab team, same group behind the mobile runner app we wrote about few months back, AI Controller is an iPad application designed to control Box2D physics engine projected onto a building. Controlled by OSC to a openFrameworks ...

23/05/2010 / openFrameworks

Lukasz Karluk aka julapy has been doing some interesting experiments with openCV. To start, he wanted to play with some basic shapes and since he was doing all this in work downtime he felt a little obliged to use the ...