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On simulation, aesthetics and play: Artifactual Playground

In 1958, the American physicist William Higinbotham created what is one of the first instances of what we would today call a modern “video game”. The game, named Tennis For Two, was built at the Brookhaven National Laboratory for their yearly open-house presentations of the lab’s activities. The game was built using an oscilloscope and […]

SpringMesh [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks]

Inspired by the rippling behaviours of cloths and liquids, Ricardo Sanchez explores spring mesh dynamics using box2D physics. SpringMesh is an interactive cloth you can twist, pull and deform using multitouch or gravity. Created by Ricardo and published by apps.CAN, SpringMesh is available now in the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad as an universal app ($1.99). […]

Jacob’s Cave [Cinder]

Latest from David Wicks (sansumbrella) and selected for the WrittenImages book is this beautiful geometrical study created using Cinder. David writes: Jacob’s Cave developed in response to seeing a range of helictite formations in a show cave in Missouri. Helictites grow downward, but also spiral up when the influence of forces like capillary action become stronger than gravity. […]

DoflBall [iPad, openFrameworks]

Created by Dofl Y.H Yun of Firstborn, DolfBall is an “air hockey” type game, fun for people and animals alike. Named after Firstborn Senior Developer, DoflBall meshes the iPad’s touchscreen capabilities with engaging and fun multiplayer gameplay. Dofl and the Firstborn team created this simple “air hockey” type game where players fling a “ball” back and […]

Horizons [iPhone, iPad, oF]

Horizons is a interactive sound toy which brings together the atmospheric sounds of Eli Murray (Gentleforce) and generative visuals of Lukasz Karluk. The app is an exploration of colour, sound and form. The design of the piece focuses on creating subtle colour refractions in a rich colour scape using an algorithmic process known as triangulation. Fluidity of […]

PopClock [iPad, iPhone]

Designed by Mike Tucker, PopClock is a fun new clock app created using the Cocos2d framework. Time is laid out in the circles which from time to time ‘pop’ resulting in various collisions amongst other circles. Double tapping changes the colour of the clock and you can fully interact with the circles by touch and […]