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Facebook Demetricator – The Unquantified Self

The use of self-tracking apps and devices is now so widespread that it is easy to overlook how much our thinking about ‘personal analytics’ is rooted in social web services. Urbana-Champaign-based media artist Benjamin Grosser’s most recent project, Facebook Demetricator, is a multi-browser plugin that recontextualizes Facebook’s interface by stripping out all mentions of quantity. […]

Yung Jake gets played out because you

In his mile-a-minute guest spot on Rob Sonic’s most recent album Sabotage Gigante, Los Angeles-based Busdriver fires off a verbal salvo about powder burns on a disk drive and generating buzz across the blogosphere. While this kind of technobabble isn’t exactly the purview of most non-nerdcore MCs, broader discussions about the propagation of fame and channels […]

Lines [WebApp]

Lines is based on a writing technique from medieval times developed by monks as a solution to expensive paper and tedious writing. The monks were writing in the centre of the page allowing enough space for others to annotate the pages on the sides, method allowing you to read the story through other people’s writing. […]

Web Audio [Javascript, Sound]

Coming soon to the HTML5 toolbox is the Web Audio, still in development for Chrome, Google have a dedicated page with a number of very interesting and fun examples. Thanks to Alexander Chen for pointing out this ‘3D Sonogram’ example which I seem to have missed the last time I visited the page. Here is how the […]

WebGL Tadpoles [Scripts]

Created by Kris Temmerman, aka Neuro Productions, WebGL Tadpoles is an experiment with 30 tadpoles relying on inverse kinematic chains and moving in a 3D using Perlin Noise vector field. Kris writes: And since they aren’t static objects, I have to project the vertices and calculate the normals every frame in JavaScript. In that sense, the JavaScript speed is reasonable. But […]

Hypertext Remix [Scripts]

Hypertext Remix is a browser-sequencer created by Lara Warman and Kellyn Loehr. The system generates systems sounds when the browser hits the edge of the screen. The speed of each box is set by the scroll bar and the sounds that are generated are all from the OS. The project is driven by a notion that […]

Experimental Study on Web Asynchronicity [WebApp]

Created by Emmanuel Pire, Experimental Study on Web Asynchronicity is a project that uses “web time noise” as a way of composition. The noise you will find is not coded with a random function but is actually the network response time and the browser’s imprecisions that create the asynchronicity. Browsers are smart enough to recognize that it is the […]

Hakim Experiments [Scripts, HMTL5]

This is the personal playground of Hakim El Hattab, exploring what is possible using HTML5 and Canvas. Most recent addition includes Sinuous, a simple game built using canvas which will test your mouse pointer reflexes by having you direct your cursor against incoming meteors. My other personal favourites include Blob, Magnetic, Particle Depth and Particles. […]

Harmony [WebApp]

Inspired by this code in the Generative Design book, Harmony by Mr.Doob aka Ricardo Cabello is a result of weekend play with various drawing algorithms and <canvas>. Canvas was initially introduced by Apple for use inside their own Mac OS X WebKit component, later adopted by Gecko browsers and standardized for the next generation web technologies. It consists […]

Pliable and Cubic Mirrors [Flash]

Somewhat similar to the Faceless Void [Processing] app by Jason Lam we wrote about few days ago, Pliable and Cubic Mirrors are two flash application created by Hitoshi Akira Nishimura aka the source-laboratory. Both apps run in your browser and make use of the webcam to represent the camera image (in real time) in the form of […]