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Limbo [Games, Mac]

“Boy uncertain of his sister’s faith enters limbo” is the tag line of the absolutely wonderful game “Limbo”, now available for Mac! The game takes on a journey of a boy that transverses through the ‘horrible world’ challenged by obstacles which gradually more difficult and more hostile (see video interview at the bottom with Mads Wibroe, […]


These are Patterns [Processing]

Excited to finally try out newspaperclub, Roberto aka m8roberto created  a small newspaper featuring 12 different patterns created using Processing. The small newspaper has 12 patterns generated using a simple processing sketch that exploits repetition and randomness to produce a variety of effects using a limited set of line types. Newspaperclub is a UK based company […]


Scott Snibbe [Profile, iPhone, iPad, oF]

Scott Snibbe creates immersive interactive art that evokes powerful emotional and social engagement from viewers. His works are known for their positive social effects: fostering a sense of interdependence, promoting social interaction among strangers, and increasing viewers’ concentration. His artworks have been installed in over one hundred art museums, performance spaces, science museums and public […]


Limbo [Games]

“Boy uncertain of his sister’s faith enters limbo” is the tag line of the absolutely beautiful game currently in development by Playdead, an independent game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game takes on a journey of a boy that transverses through the ‘horrible world’ challenged by obstacles which gradually more difficult and more hostile […]


How It Is [iPhone, Events]

Created by Champagne Valentine, How It Is app is an interactive interpretation of Miroslaw Balka‘s new work currently being exhibited at London’s Tate Modern gallery. Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious world of How It Is – the new Unilever Series commission for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka. Use the custom-made […]


…™ [iPhone, Games]

Third in the series, “…™” (dotdotdot) is the latest app from London’s ustwo™ design studio. We have already written about the no.1 and mills was kind enough to share the insights of ustwo™ development / design and ideas behind the series. The latest edition (it goes to show a simple idea can go a long […]


…™ [iPhone, Games] – Preview

Just got a word from Mills at ustwo™ on their new 48hr app, the third in the series “…™” (dotdotdot). Although it’s a little hard to tell what the task may be this time, it nevertheless appears another exciting mini-app-adventure from ustwo™. If you haven’t seen the previous two videos, you can check them out here. […]


Silent [C++, Cinder]

Created by Chandler McWilliams, Silent is a two minute video made by combining frames from five classic silent films: Metropolis, Faust, Nosferatu, Holy Mountain, and The Dragon Painter and put to the music of Charles Ives’ Hallowe’en. The frames are chosen by custom software that compares data from each of the film’s soundtracks with the data […]


Zoetrope [iPhone]

Finally after 4 weeks in review, Memo Akten‘s latest iPhone app ‘Zoetrope’ is now available in the AppStore. Inspired and named after one of the earliest devices that created the illusion of animation via cycling through a series of still images, Memo’s latest creation allows you to experience this historic device on your iPhone or iPod […]