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    Sonice_Rising_Colorspace_13 copy

25/07/2014 / Arduino

Created by Sonice Development (Julian Adenauer and Michael Haas), Rising Colorspace is a new installation by the duo for “Metropol Park“ at Köllnischer Park 6-7 in Berlin. It is the third 'systemic robot' installation of their colorspace series. Installation is ...
    obverse-box1 copy

12/05/2014 / Objects

While the piecemeal music purchasing that MP3 singles allow are oft-cited as signalling “the death of the album,” the format continues to show signs of life. Beyonce’s recent ‘surprise’ release was billed as a “visual album” and a whopping seventeen short ...
    emoto_installation_10 copy

21/09/2012 / Objects, Other, Processing

Back in July, Studio NAND with Moritz Stefaner and Drew Hemment created emoto, an online web application that captured and visualised the excitement around the Olympic Games in London. The project moved from real-time (see our post) to ”Archive” data sculpture which is now on display at ...

01/03/2011 / Inspiration

„Start from the Beginning“ – Egyptrixx / Bible Eyes LP (Night Slugs 2011) Animated short by A. N. Fischer / Datdatdat. You should watch it in HD on Vimeo. The video examines the relationship between the simulated image and its physical manifestation. The ...

21/07/2010 / Objects, Processing

Sketch Chair by Greg Saul is a exploration in using computation and rapid manufacturing techniques to allow users to design and build their own products or in this case their own chairs. Created in Processing, the application allows users to take part ...

11/06/2010 / Objects, openFrameworks

Andreas has finally found time to come back to the wonderful personal project he has been working on for some time now. I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce it to CAN readers, considering I have been ...

20/04/2010 / Objects, Processing

The "Windcuts" are experiments by Miska Knapek in turning sensor data into physical instantiations, via Processing and an NC Milling machine (a computer controlled drill, for the rest of us ). Wind movement measurement data (wind direction, velocity and temperature) ...