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    Image-of-Edessa-01 copy

24/04/2013 / Javascript, Three Js

Collaborations are always a great chance to see artists' work in new light. "Image-of-Edessa" is a project between Evan Roth, known for his GIF investigations among other things and Geoffrey Lillemon who explores quite unique pop-cultural cut&paste imagery that has started with ...
    02 copy

28/03/2013 / Arduino

Like the .fluid project we wrote about few weeks back, "@><#!!! - The life of an overtaxed surface" is a project by Vera Hausmann, Till Maria Jürgens and Vitus Schuhwerk responding to the brief "TalkToMe", initiated by Professor Andreas Muxel at the Köln ...
    fluid_interface_01 copy

21/02/2013 / Arduino, Processing

Created by Hannes Jung during the two week project "Talk to me – Form follows mood" at the KISD (Köln Interntional School of Design), .fluid is a concept study of an interacting, changing surface. Installation uses non-newtonian fluid, an arduino board, a speaker ...

24/04/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Robert Drummond Location: Santa Fe, USA Type: Coder Job Type: Collaboration Description Video Installation Artist- Looking to build a system, using one or more Kinect boxes and multiple LED panels combined with projectors, which samples gallery visitor gesture and then loads that visitor\'s piece into a larger "fish ...

30/01/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: HAUS Location: Los Angeles, US Category: Creative Code Type: Collaboration Description Los Angeles based integrated production company HAUS is looking for ‘full time’ mid to senior level front-end web developers for a variety of interactive projects. You will work as part of a creative development team ...
    upverter_visual copy

22/11/2011 / News, WebApp

Upverter is a web service, similar to GitHub that allows you to discover, share and work on hardware. Taking full advantage of HTML5, the included editor has all the basics you have come to expect such as undo, redo, rotating, versioning, and ...
    cropped xtree small pic

12/10/2011 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Agnes Chavez Location: Taos, USA Type: Creative Code Job Type: Collaboration Description Description: We are looking to build a creative team to work on (x)trees project/event for ISEA2012 to be hosted in Albuquerque NM. Possibility for ongoing collaborations. (x)trees has been invited to ISEA2012 ...
Earlier this year we have been thinking about the concept of "curated workshops", an opportunity to bring people together to work for a very short period of time and share their creations. These would include setting up a team, inviting few high ...

13/10/2008 / WebApp

NoKahuna is a web application developed specifically for team work. The principle is that you create projects and within them you assign tasks to other team members. When a task is assigned, the user receives an email. He can then act on the task ...