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    on_growth_and_form_02 copy

04/11/2013 / Air, Flash

Originally entitled ‘On Growth and Form’ in homage to D’Arcy Thompson’s pioneering book, Darwin is a new artwork by Daniel Brown for the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. Over the past ten years Brown has become known for creating his ‘Flowers’ ...
    yuri-suzuki-colour-chaser_12 copy

22/08/2013 / Events, Kids, Objects

Back in 2008, for his Royal College of Art graduation show, Yuri Suzuki presented work which involved an innovative way of playing conventional vinyl records, including a miniature electric circuit constructed from pieces of old records on which small cars circulate and ...
    maps-kimasendorf_04 copy

26/07/2013 / Javascript

Not often do we find ourselves simply browsing Google Maps. Usually there is always a particular reason behind it, mostly utilitarian impulse to satisfy our immediate need. What if Google Maps could be appreciated and visually enjoyed as pattern of ...

11/10/2012 / Featured, openFrameworks

Geoffrey Lillemon with Random studio in Amsterdam brings classic romantic painting and drawing style to technology by creating a new website showcasing the latest collection by the German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm.
    Matthew Biderman – Event Horizon
Several prominent currents run through the oeuvre of Montreal's Matthew Biederman – data systems, politics, broadcast media, performance and the promotion of awareness of northern landscapes and cultures. Another interest that is evident across Biederman's body of work is colour, a ...
    pigmentpol_04 copy

17/04/2012 / Processing

In collaboration with ATMO design studio, Berlin based studio FELD created a new visual identity for Pigmentpol, a digital printing company in Germany. The new identity system uses Processing to generate a custom logo for the variety of Pigmentpol corporate media, ...

27/09/2011 / Processing

“Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) is an empty canvas but when you touch it, its elastic surface stretches and gets suffused with projected vivid colors mimicking fabric absorbing dye. Poking and rubbing with hands or resting their body on this spandex canvas ...
    mzl.amikslej copy

04/08/2011 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

Circlo is an experimental clock with generative ambient music. The soundtrack by Hannu Kuosmanen changes depending on what time of day it is while the circles on the screen pulsate gently. The music is at its calmest around 1 am/pm, ...

29/07/2011 / Processing, Scripts

fbFacesis a project by Joern Roeder and Jonathan Pirnay that deals with the issue of data accessibility on the Internet. The project is a facebook crawler, built using JavaScript & PHP, that starts at the public profile of any fb-user, ...

28/07/2011 / Javascript, Scripts

Simple but we love it,  DrippingPaint.Js by Tim Holman the latest "features javascript" on CAN creating a sort of dripping paint effect in the background of the screen. Click top right corner button for demo. I've only been doing these little experiments ...

22/07/2011 / Processing

Pierre Commenge aka Emoc creates knitted like photographs using Processing. The application, with no UI, follows deterministic rules where every pixel of the picture is given pictorial qualities from its components in a color space. 

14/06/2011 / Processing

Connexions is a real time animation by Alexandre Le Guillou created using Processing. The application toys with the idea of connection / network, linking different points along a sphere, creating shapes, colours, etc. The visual created is like a living sculpture, where dots ...
    Toxiclibs BreakCircle by Amnon Owed

05/05/2011 / Processing, Tutorials

Would you like to create what you see in those videos? Well, read on! Because in this article I will show you how you can do just that using Processing and Toxiclibs. As Processing’s biggest open source collection of libraries, ...

11/04/2011 / iPad, iPhone, Processing

Created by Jeremy Awon and based on his processing sketch from about three years ago, rgb petri allows you to grow colors like bacteria in a petri dish and explore the spectrum of your iPhone & iPad display. Each perimeter pixel copies itself ...

21/03/2011 / Processing

Created by onformative, Berlin based studio founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer, Fragments of RGB is a project that explores the nature of digital image, it's construction and interaction with it. By segmenting the RGB pixels in the image and ...

24/11/2010 / Flash, iPad, iPhone

From the makers of Computer Arts magazine, Visualator lets you create simple abstract imagery with your fingertips. Play with colour, shape and form to produce vibrant collages on the move. The app has launched with two tools - Gradulate and Triangulate and ...
    photo 1

13/07/2010 / iPad, iPhone

Designed by Mike Tucker, PopClock is a fun new clock app created using the Cocos2d framework. Time is laid out in the circles which from time to time 'pop' resulting in various collisions amongst other circles. Double tapping changes the ...

27/05/2010 / iPad, iPhone

Once again we are back with the collection of most wonderful and creative clocks now available in the AppStore. They are simple to understand, not too hard to program and fun to play with. Most probably more "useful" once iPhone ...

24/05/2010 / Objects

Daily Stack was built during a four week exploration in Tangible User Interface at CIID. The project was made by everyoneelse in collaboration with Sebastian Rønde Thielke. Daily Stack is a playful tool that helps you become more aware of your daily ...

23/05/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks

PhiLia02 is the latest iPhone application created by the the Austrian visual artist Lia, who has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. The app has been submitted to the AppStore only few days ago and ...

21/05/2010 / vvvv

The interactive audio-visual installation, ‘Lightrails’ is a project Vienna's Strukt created together with unheilbar architektur for the Project Space inside the Kunsthalle Wien. 'Lightrails’ is a light sculpture with the intention to re-define and re-interpret the exhibition room. An easy but effective ...

15/05/2010 / iPhone

Instead of adopting techniques to replicate vintage camera effects like many apps in the AppStore do, Dan Lipert, developer behind Chromocam is releasing a series of iPhone app that use information captured by the camera to output some very beautiful ...

07/05/2010 / Games, iPhone

Star Ship [dev name] is a new iPhone game created by Kato Yuta, currently in development. Asteroid like shooter, you are in control of a ship trying to destroy incoming enemies - in this case spheres. Tapping anywhere on the ...

03/05/2010 / CANApps, iPhone, openFrameworks

We are pleased to announce that the first official CreativeApplications.Net app is now available in the AppStore. SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone/iPod Touch featuring digital artists we got to know in the past few months, contributing ...

14/04/2010 / Inspiration

A projection mapped installation by Alcatel-Lucent for their customers at the last Mobile World Congress. An example of simplicity in form with dimensional color to create the sublime. An experience-based video mapping designed by the agency and the Department Superbien New ...

13/04/2010 / WebApp

0to255 is a simple tool created by Shaun Chapman that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. I built 0to255 to make my job easier. I'm a web designer who works with colors every day. Usually, ...

02/04/2010 / Games, iPad, iPhone

As most of us already know and those who don’t are not from this planet, the iPad is launching in the US tomorrow. With all the excitement and hype we thought we'd collect the most exciting, well designed and impactful ...

30/03/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Rain. is a minimalistic audio visual composition app for the iPhone created by Rainer Kohlberger. Tap to create black sound stripes, double tap to create moire phases, shake to create a colored beat, double swipe to change background loop. The ...

24/03/2010 / Games, iPhone, Sound

Finalist in this years 2010 Independent Games Festival Mobile Awards, muBlip is a rhythm & shapes game memory game created by PARA9 (Tran-Quan Luong, Alexandre Grégoire and Mathieu Guindon) . The core gameplay is simple: learn multi-touch patterns then replay ...

21/03/2010 / Games, iPhone

Niji is a beatiful colour arrangement tetris like vertical scroller by Grevolt, game studio based in Denmark. Your task is to guide the drops of paint to create rainbows of colour, ie a specific order of colour spectrum. The drops ...
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