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DMesh [Cinder, Mac]

In the last few years we have  seen a number of projects that utilise delaunay triangulation to translate photographs into their geometric representations. Jonathan Puckey’s Delaunay Raster was the first to utilise this combination of delaunay triangulation with manually placed points and color averaging. Jonathan’s images, most of us have seen already, have inspired a wave of projects. Latest […]

Actelion Imagery [Processing]

Created by onformative, studio founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin, Actelion Imagery is an application built for Actelion, a biopharmaceutical company that researches, develops and markets medicines for diseases that still lack adequate treatments. Project brief was to create a new identity for their brand without touching the logo, but in keeping with Actelion […]

Squeal [iPad, openFrameworks]

In 2010, Hong Kong musician/producer/composer Gaybird Leung invited Henry Chu to create a music app for his show Digital Hug, he was inspired by SoundGyro and want to create an instrument that could respond to body gesture like a theremin. Squeal is aimed to launch with 100 faces and you are invited to take part. The team has gathered […]

Strata #3 – Bordeaux [Processing]

The Strata project by Quayola consist of a series of films, prints and installations investigating improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture. A combination of 3d render/processing application, the film includes Processing delaunay triangulation conversion applied to photographic stills with 3D mesh output which was then fed into 3D […]

Holler Logo Bash [openFrameworks]

Lukasz Karluk aka julapy has been doing some interesting experiments with openCV. To start, he wanted to play with some basic shapes and since he was doing all this in work downtime he felt a little obliged to use the agency‘s logo. The end result in an interesting collage of both motion tracking, delaunay triangulations […]

Faceless Void [Processing]

Inspired by the wonderful work Jonathan Puckey has been doing with custom designed Delaunay triangulation scriptographer plugin for Illustrator, Jason Lam created this Processing application that uses your webcam to generate the same affect in real time. To run you will need the Triangulation Processing library available for download here and the source Jonathan was kind […]