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13/02/2014 / Video

We are always fond of projects that use Desktop as a creative landscape. From Screen Capture to Sound by Satoru Higa to 114.psd Type by Emilio Gomariz these projects manipulate the predictable to produce the exquisite. The latest experiment in the similar category ...
Leap Motion has arrived and even though we have all heard about the difficulties and challenges of using Leap to for precise control, the device nonetheless has created a domain for interacting with digital in a refreshing new way. If ...
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17/01/2013 / iPad, iPhone

Created by Jaakko Tuomivaara and Johan Halin, Deko is an application for iPhone and iPad that creates images from simple shapes using a generative process. There are a number of set presets which are used to generate images. Once the images ...
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15/01/2013 / Mac

Evan Bech uses screen capture to create three-dimensional moving sculptures on the desktop. As he repositions windows on the desktop, the feedback of the image keeps regenerating and creating a sense of depth in the y axis direction. The trick is ...
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01/11/2012 / openFrameworks, Sound

Some time ago Zach Lieberman posted code on the oF forums which allows you to show the pixels directly below the openFrameworks app window in a texture. This little app Satoru Higa (4nchor5 la6/rhizomatiks) uses the same method to create a music ...

16/02/2011 / Mac

Created by our own Emilio Gomariz (CAN posts) with sound by Dylan Fisher , 114.psd Type is a simple typography designed with the help of Mac OS X, a progression from Folder Type piece Emilio created 2 years ago. The idea for this ...

08/09/2010 / Mac

Devised by Erin Shirreff and programmed by Seth Erickson, Shadow, Glare is an exploration into how light might begin to change the nature of your "immaterial" computer desktop screen creating a subtle but effective illusion of passing light as you immerse into ...

02/06/2010 / iPad, iPhone, Mac

Besides the beautiful icon, LiveView is a remote screen viewing application for the iPhone intended to help designers create graphics for mobile applications. The site suggest three good uses: FOR VISUAL DESIGNERS — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad ...

19/03/2010 / Games, Linux, Mac, Windows

Digital: A Love Story is set 'five minutes into the future of 1988' and created by Christine Love. The game is set entirely within an Amiga Workbench desktop where you are a BBS user meeting someone via a message sent ...

16/03/2010 / Mac

LastHistory allows you to analyze music listening histories from through an interactive visualization and to explore your own past by combining the music you listened to with your own photos and calendar entries. It is available as a desktop application ...

24/02/2010 / Java, Linux, Mac, Windows

Formerly known as MousePath, IOGraphica was created by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov to brighten up the routine work. Posting it at Flickr caused informal interest and afterward Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilov decided to evolve the app. IOGraphica is an application that tracks your mouse movements and converts them into a ...
    X3 Studios - Digital Branding - Interactive Media

28/07/2009 / WebApp

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application, web-application that allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly. You begin with a simple background and from the left hand side menu you can choose a number of graphics elements you want to add. ...

21/06/2009 / iPhone


06/11/2008 / WebApp

Are you looking for background patterns for your site or your desktop? BgPatterns might be the place to go. Not only can you browse hundreds of patterns, you can also create your own using default objects available at your disposal. Even though ...

24/10/2008 / Mac

Do you find that no matter how hard you try your mac desktop always seems to get cluttered with dozens of icons, screengrabs, links, folders?  Instead of tolerating your messy desktop until you find time to clean up, why not just hide all the ...