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Deko – Generative Wallpapers for iOS

Created by Jaakko Tuomivaara and Johan Halin, Deko is an application for iPhone and iPad that creates images from simple shapes using a generative process. There are a number of set presets which are used to generate images. Once the images are loaded you can apply up to 4 different parameters to modify the existing graphic […]

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Screen Recording 30 by Evan Bech

Evan Bech uses screen capture to create three-dimensional moving sculptures on the desktop. As he repositions windows on the desktop, the feedback of the image keeps regenerating and creating a sense of depth in the y axis direction. The trick is the same as when mirror to mirror can create an endless repetition of images. […]


114.psd Type [Mac]

Created by our own Emilio Gomariz (CAN posts) with sound by Dylan Fisher , 114.psd Type is a simple typography designed with the help of Mac OS X, a progression from Folder Type piece Emilio created 2 years ago. The idea for this type came in when seeing that this operative system remembers the position of any file […]


Shadow, Glare [Mac]

Devised by Erin Shirreff and programmed by Seth Erickson, Shadow, Glare is an exploration into how light might begin to change the nature of your “immaterial” computer desktop screen creating a subtle but effective illusion of passing light as you immerse into your daily work…. Shadow, Glare explores such experiential disruptions through a subtle visual intervention: Without […]


LiveView [iPhone, iPad, Mac]

Besides the beautiful icon, LiveView is a remote screen viewing application for the iPhone intended to help designers create graphics for mobile applications. The site suggest three good uses: FOR VISUAL DESIGNERS — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad quickly and easily with a live view of your canvas/artboard while you work. FOR […]


LastHistory [Mac]

LastHistory allows you to analyze music listening histories from through an interactive visualization and to explore your own past by combining the music you listened to with your own photos and calendar entries. It is available as a desktop application for Mac OS X v10.5 or higher. Included are two modes, optimized for a different […]


IOGraphica [Mac, Windows, Linux]

Formerly known as MousePath, IOGraphica was created by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov to brighten up the routine work. Posting it at Flickr caused informal interest and afterward Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilov decided to evolve the app. IOGraphica is an application that tracks your mouse movements and converts them into a single image showing all the paths you have made with your mouse. The idea […]

X3 Studios - Digital Branding - Interactive Media

The Wallpaper Application [WebApp]

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application, web-application that allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly. You begin with a simple background and from the left hand side menu you can choose a number of graphics elements you want to add. These can be scaled, coloured and rotated all with drag and drop. Text is […]