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printedoptics-lightpipes-chess copy

Printed Optics – 3D printed Devices

Developed at the Disney Research labs, Printed Optics is a new approach of creating custom optical elements for interactive devices using 3D printing. Printed Optics enable sensing, display, and illumination elements to be directly embedded in the body of an interactive device. Using these elements, display surfaces, novel illumination techniques, custom optical sensors and robust embedded […]

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Patterned by Nature – Transparent pixels in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Some time ago Sosolimited and Plebian Design set out to create a large scale transparent LCD sculpture for a science museum atrium. Each pixel was designed as a piece of glass that could independently change the transparency of: from opaque black to transparent. The sculpture was designed to curve up through the atrium of the museum and […]


PhotoBiennale – Sites [Processing, MaxMSP]

Created by created by Beetroot, PhotoBiennale- Sites is a retrospective presentation of the Photobiennale Topos festival displaying 2330 works-sites by 266 photographers from 36 countries. Toogether with developing the visual identity for the festival, the team also installed an interactive table, inviting visitors to browse the works by using a physical bright green wooden frame element and positioning it […]


Binary Counting [Processing]

Created by Joshua Noble, Chris Bierbower and Mette Lyckegaard, The Binary Counter is an interactive display and teaching tool for kids to explore the most basic building blocks of digital information: 1’s and 0’s. The team broke a byte into its 8 bits and gave each a physical and visual representation using motors and LEDs. […]


Type Case [Processing]

Created by Martin Bircher, “Type Case” is a low-resolution display embedded in an old printers’ type case with 125 rectangular pixels of different sizes. These are formed from the reflecting light of Processing controlled LEDs, embedded in each section of the case. Images are converted and fed to the case via arduino. Due to the […]


iPod Touch Cluster [iPhone, News]

An interesting concept by this japanese team Prototype linking up 20 iPod Touches using a custom application to sync them together. Considering the price of an iPod touch, it does make is a pretty affordable multi-touch (mobile computer) display. Used in array with other touches running custom software, stripped off their corporate skin (ie remove […]


Zoomica [iPhone]

ZOOMICA is an interactive clock app consisting of colorful digits that elegantly spin and expand revealing time. The conventional stopwatch and alarms are replaced by a fast and accurate beat counter. The hours are displayed spinning clockwise, while the minutes are shown spinning counterclockwise. Tapping changes colors and speeds up motion while sliding your finger gives you […]