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11/12/2013 / Other, Sound

Coralie Gourguechon is a designer and a paper electronics maker. Her projects aim to to demystify electronics by simplifying the execution of simple circuits in a graphical way and using paper. In one of the projects, the components are presented as icons ...
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14/09/2012 / Objects, Other

Now on display at the Design Museum in London as a part of the "designers in residence program", is the 'Denki Puzzle' created by japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and Technology Will Save Us. Using a kit of bespoke printed circuit board (PCB) components, ...

23/10/2011 / Arduino

NTQ, also known as Near Tag Quality (+), is a DIY graffiti printer created using Arduino, Solenoid and 7 Spray cans. Created by the french branch of GRL (Graffiti Research Lab) this project was developed in 2 month between mid-may ...

28/02/2011 / Events, openFrameworks

Niklas Roy has just sent us details of his "My Lttle Piece of Privacy" project Ver 2 now making it's way accross France for a number of exhibition in Créteil, Maubeuge and Lille. Named “Big Brother” (as it is about 10cm wider ...

28/01/2011 / Games

Darkgame is a sensory deprivation computer game by Eddo Stern currently in development. The game plays on physical manipulation of the player’s senses as the central focus of game strategy. The immersive gameplay is based upon the experience of communication ...

27/01/2011 / Objects, Sound

Created at the workshop with product designer and electronic music composer Yuri Suzuki, the following objects use the seemingly trite sound of a door bell as its starting point to create and suggest alternatives to the generic sound-scapes of everyday ...

10/08/2010 / Environment, Objects

Created by Sputnic, RACER is an analogue recreation of a computer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut. The actions of the arcade player are directly reflected by the remote controlled model car in the level. Live video image ...

04/07/2010 / Objects

Olars by Lars Marcus Vedeler is an electronic interactive toy inspired by Karl Sims' evolved virtual creatures. Having thousands of varieties in movement and behaviour by attaching different geometrical limbs, modifying the angle of these, twisting the body itself, and ...
I have been following his work for some time now (10 years) but recently, at Flashbelt,  I had a pleasure of meeting Jared Tarbell and was deeply touched by his inquisitive nature. If you have seen Jared speak, or even better ...

24/12/2009 / Processing, Quarz Composer

Inspired by the brilliant use of an early 80's concept in the recent OKGo 'WTF' video (see below), Mehmet Akten aka memo created this little open-source demo in Processing. It works in real-time with a webcam. You can download the source ...

16/12/2009 / openFrameworks

Few days ago Alex Beim posted a link to a video the team at Tangible Interaction created about how to make a quasi omnidirectional light marker for slow shutter photography. Where we didn't know what this for was then, Alex ...

26/10/2009 / Inspiration

Karl Klomp ('79 - NL), media artist - vj - theater technician. His research focus on live audiovisual expressions and interfacing with a fasination for glitch-art, hyperkinetic audio visuals and glitch grabbing. Dealing with video circuit bending, frame grabbing, hardware ...

26/09/2009 / Java

Created for the Berlin Music Hack Day, held on September 18-20 at Radialsystem V by Ramsey Arnaoot and Robb, Xylobot is a monome controlled Xylophone with a custom Java app that receives midi data from the step sequencer and controls the Arduino over ...

13/09/2009 / MaxMSP, Objects

Created using 64 traditional arcade buttons and MaxMSP patch, Travis's creation mimics the very popular monome devices. And here’s how pretty the final wiring looks! I still am going to tie everything up but I think it ended up really clean. Input boards ...