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Realtime Dithered Screen Capture [openFrameworks]

Using code that Zach Lieberman posted on the oF forums which allows you to show the pixels directly below the OF app window in a texture, Jesus Gollonet created this little experiment which converts all content below the window into dithered image. This allows you to move the window around the screen exploring the dithered space in color image/video/etc.  


1:2-tone [iPhone]

1:2-tone [=Halftone] converts your iPhone photos into halftone patterns. The process is simple; Browse your Photos album and pick an image, Zoom in or out and fit to the screen size, Choose dot size and then either make a wallpaper by saving the image to your library for later use or send the image by email. […]


AsciiMe [iPhone]

AsciiMe gives you the ability to create ASCII art on the fly. Using only letters from the alphabet, combined with any picture from your library or that you take with your camera, you can create Ascii interpretation of your picture with few clicks. Once created you can email these in both text and image formats or […]


Hipstamatic [iPhone]

Ever since the release of Toy Camera together with Old Camera I have been slightly reluctant to review many “effector” apps now available in the AppStore. On a number of occasions I have also been suggested by friends to check out Camera Bag, Night Camera and a bunch of others that would somewhat deserve a […]


TiltShift Generator [iPhone] – Preview

TiltShift Generator is a new iPhone photo effector application by Takayuki Fukatsu. Currently in development and available in the AppStore soon, TiltShift Generator builds on Takayuki’s previous iPhone apps (ToyCamera, QuadCamera) to deliver something quite unique. For those unfamiliar with the TiltShift term: the method refers to the use of camera by tilting the lens relative to the image plane and […]


Fluid Motion Painter [iPhone]

A new addition to the ever growing collection of particle emitters for the iPhone, Fluid Motion Painter is a new release by David Hoe with a considerable amount of features to create and modify particle effects. Apart from what you would expect, and we have seen a number of apps incorporate elements like colours and stroke […]