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Childhood Ghosts [openFrameworks]

Childhood Ghosts is an interactive animation created by Eric John Olson using openFrameworks with a series of hand drawn frames of a child. The installation allows visitors to engage digital character via a set of predefined tracked movements, a sort of discovery to make the character react and come alive. The music sampled in this […]


Boo! [Processing]

Created by Keyvane Alinaghi, Simon Lebon and Damien Marchal, Boo! is an interactive installation created using Processing and Pure Data that allows viewers to interact with zombies in the projected scene. The unusual component of this scene is the strange behavior of the zombies. When the viewer hides his face or turns his back to the image, […]


The Graveyard [iPhone]

Almost two years after its initial release for Mac OSX and Windows, Tale of Tales have ported their title The Graveyard to Apple’s iPhone platform. As of now, The Graveyard can be purchased in the App Store for $1.99. As with the PC release, a Lite version is available for free. Finalist in the category […]


Devil’s Tuning Fork [Games, Windows]

Devil’s Tuning Fork is an exploration game viewed from a first-person perspective, where you play as a child trapped in an alternate reality after catching a strange illness and falling into a coma. The unknown world is a dark one and has no illumination, but a tuning fork that you find at the start of […]


The Graveyard [Mac, Windows, Games]

Finalist in the category of innovation at this year’s The 12th Annual Independent Game Festival, The Graveyard is a very short computer game designed by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn (Tale of Tales). In The Graveyard you play an old lady who visits a graveyard. You walk around, sit on a bench and listen to […]