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    PORTRAIT_05 copy

16/01/2014 / Inspiration

Some two months ago we wrote about the grotesque, dream-Like video portraits by Donato Sansone. The latest (final) piece, a much longer one, includes new experiments utilising this fantastic technique. “Portrait” is work in progress on a video installations that shows ...
    sona_ECAL_Ruslan_Gaynutdinov2 copy

24/07/2012 / iPad, openFrameworks, Sound

Created by Ruslan Gaynutdinov, the project investigates ways sound can be visualised and how the spectator can be immersed in simple sound based geometric compositions. Sona is an experimental game for the iPad inspired by the classic "Simon game". The universe ...

21/06/2012 / Games, iPhone

Created by Matthew LoPresti, "Soundstory: 10:00pm" is an interactive musical vignette told through the emails, notes, and news articles found on George Wells's work terminal. Exactly what it is - is hard to tell, sitting somewhere between a game ...
    flightofthefireflies-3 copy

03/02/2012 / Games, iPad

"The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Let your touch guide them as they soar through the skies and dance among the trees" is the description of an experimental video game 'Flight of the Fireflies' by Jonathan Hise ...
    Gildas Paubert 05

04/01/2012 / Javascript, Processing

Here is a portfolio of a french web designer named Gildas Paubert experimenting with processing js. (go in the « play mode ! » section).

16/11/2011 / Featured, Games, iPad, openFrameworks

SpellTower is a new iPad game by Zach Gage, the name behind the titles such as Halcyon, Bit Pilot, and Unify. SpellTower is a word puzzle game that combines the traditional word making with Tetris style block physics. In the ...

25/08/2011 / Javascript

Earlier this week Mozilla Labs silently opened the voting process for the 100 demo submissions. There is a wide range of entries ranging from animated gifs to javascript demos and now it’s up to you to decide on the winners.
    Kung Fu Romance

14/07/2010 / Events, Games

This years No More Sweden game jam took place in Skövde last weekend and encouraged people to both make a game in two days, but also to demo the games they are currently working on. I really liked the new ...

07/12/2009 / Flash, Games

The first of four episodes of Pixelate's Black Forest series of mini games is now available for download. Pixelate, the team behind Mr. Bounce are bringing a series of tiny, experimental games this month, one episode per week. We have had a little ...

20/11/2009 / iPhone

MinMe we wrote about weeks back has just received an update including a total of 60 levels that will cost you $0.99 via an in-app purchase. The first 16 levels are free and once you have completed these a message ...

17/10/2009 / Inspiration

Wonderful 'experimental animation' by Andrew Morev. You can see more of his work here and on vimeo here. (via Looks like good Design)

24/09/2009 / Games, iPhone

Created as part of last month's Experimental Gameplay Project, Chaim Gingold's MinMe is a response to the theme "bare minimum". Made in 1.5 days, MinMe is a clean, minimal puzzler with 10 levels. The former Spore developer notes that if enough ...