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.fluid – Manipulating non-newtonian fluid with Processing and Arduino

Created by Hannes Jung during the two week project “Talk to me – Form follows mood” at the KISD (Köln Interntional School of Design), .fluid is a concept study of an interacting, changing surface. Installation uses non-newtonian fluid, an arduino board, a speaker and processing to allow surface to change from liquid to solid, from plain to three-dimensional symmetric patterns. […]

FluidAutomata [iPhone, iPad]

Created by Angus Forbes, FluidAutomata is an interactive fluid dynamics application for the iPhone and iPad. It let’s you create dynamic interactive abstract composition using multitouch, sliders and camera. It uses a custom fluid engine that Angus created and a GPU-accelerated version of Line Integral Convolution for the visualization of the fluids. To begin using Fluid Automata, […]

Start From The Beginning [Inspiration]

„Start from the Beginning“ – Egyptrixx / Bible Eyes LP (Night Slugs 2011) Animated short by A. N. Fischer / Datdatdat. You should watch it in HD on Vimeo. The video examines the relationship between the simulated image and its physical manifestation. The landscape appearing in the video references one of Fischer´s relief sculptures ( The […]

Hydro Acoustic Study [vvvv]

Created by Francisco Lopez (Madrid, Amsterdam) in collaboration with generative artist Paul Prudence (London), Hydro Acoustic Study or also known as Untitled [BioAcousticPhenomena] is a video performance/audio visual installation exploring live mutating morphologies where the organic and the virtual collide in crisp detail. This performance was realised in association with AMBIFONICA, the residency programme organized […]

Cymatic Ripple [C++, Cinder]

In his attempt to convince multitouch companies to give him their hardware in exchange for better demos or maybe just doing what he does pretty well; making the rest of us drool over his work, Robert Hodgin aka Flight404 has been making these incredible fluid/tactile (destined for multitouch) visuals. Here is a little info: I am using […]

Fluid Motion Painter [iPhone]

A new addition to the ever growing collection of particle emitters for the iPhone, Fluid Motion Painter is a new release by David Hoe with a considerable amount of features to create and modify particle effects. Apart from what you would expect, and we have seen a number of apps incorporate elements like colours and stroke […]

Helvetireader [Script, WebApp]

Helvetireader is a userscript to make your Google Reader absolutely gorgeous. In particular, it’s made for looking at feeds in the expanded view, using Keyboard Shortcuts instead of on-screen buttons. It’s not going to suit how everyone uses Google Reader, but if you are a fan of Helvetica font/style, this one is for you. To run this script you will […]

PresentYourApps [Mac]

At times Menu Bar and the Dock might get in the way of your wonderful presentation. Get rid of them using PresentYourApps. Using built-in functionality of Mac OS X, PresentYourApps lets you hide the Dock and menu bar for every Cocoa application you choose. Simple, yet incredibly useful for those client presentations. It works great with […]