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Street Views Patchwork by Julien Levesque

Created by Julien Levesque, Street Views Patchwork is a website which combines four embedded Google StreetView scenes from different places together to create a coherent landscape scene. It works like a slideshow, but the collage is quickly broken if you try to use it as you would the Streetview. Images match because the vanishing points, the horizon and […]


Untitled Painting [WebApp, Flash]

Partly inspired by Gerhard Richter’s series of overpainted photographs, Untitled Painting is a web application by  Thomas Traum with music by Tim Hecker, “Azure Azure” from his album Radio Amor. Set it to your own preferred location, paint over the landscape with the colours of your choice and embed it on your own blog. Untitled Painting […]


Helvetical [Scripts, WebApp]

Inspired by Helvetireader (user script to change to look of google reader), Ad Taylor has created a similar script to change the look of Google Calendar. Instead of dated, quite unattractive existing look you can replace it with Helvetica font inspired slick, clean and bold aesthetic. To run this script you will need Firefox with […]


Analytics App [iPhone]

Michael D Jensen has just released a full featured Google Analytics app for the iPhone. In the last few months, ever since the launch of the app store, there have been a number of apps that provide you with access to your analytics data. myAnalytics (itunes link) was one of the first but unfortunately lacked […]