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Livehoods – Use-Based Urban Analytics

In conceptualizing and exploring the city we rely a range of smaller areas—neighbourhoods, boroughs, wards and districts—in order to make urban space intelligible. While we can readily discuss how neighbourhoods are shaped by physical geography (topography, adjacency to lakes or rivers, etc.), ordinance (zoning, access to public transit) and economics (real estate prices, average resident […]


100.000.000 Stolen Pixels [Scripts]

100.000.000 stolen pixels is a personal project by Kim Asendorf in attempt to create an archive of numerous sites by ‘stealing pixels’ from them. A web crawler created by Kim started with 10 URLs (See first 10 in url.log) and searched HTML pages for images and hyperlinks. Each found image got downloaded and 100 pixels […]


Distance and Common Desires [Cinder]

Created by David Wicks, Distance and Common Desires is a series of prints created through analysis of submissions to Destinations. David filtered people’s responses to the questions “Where do you want to go?” and “Why do you want to go there?” to find clusters of similar desires. The three groups presented below are people traveling to […]


Time as Color and Place [iPhone]

Originally created as around 2000 and 2002, Time As Color and Time as Place are two projects by Christopher Otto now available in the form of iPhone applications. Time As Color is an app that displays time as additive colour where red is representative of  the hour, green of the minute, and blue of the […]