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0to255 [WebApp]

0to255 is a simple tool created by Shaun Chapman that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. I built 0to255 to make my job easier. I’m a web designer who works with colors every day. Usually, I’ll start with a color I want to use, then I’ll manipulate it for […]


Year of the Tiger [Flash]

I have just received “Happy New Year” email from Kazumasa Teshigawara (qubibi) and I must say this is the most awesome NY flash card ever. The card is inspired by Chinese zodiac, which makes the year 2010 the Year of the Tiger. Watch it here + once again Happy New Year (year of the tiget […]


Triangle Field [openFrameworks]

Lukasz has just posted this wonderful video of a triangle field driven by perlin noise. Perlin noise is a procedural texture primitive, a type of gradient noise, procedural texture that is resolution independent (more on wikipedia).  Created using openFrameworks. Follow Lukasz on Twitter or Vimeo for updates. I wonder where it’s going.. Update: 07/09/2009: Lukasz posted a new video this […]


Box Clock [iPhone]

Box Clock is a new clock application soon to be now available in the appstore by David Wicks. Inspired by the webapp (see below) he created back in February 2009, the app visualises time via dynamic set of blocks and backgrounds on the screen. The current hour can be read by counting the number of vertical […]