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Hexagrama [vvvv, Sound]

Created by Lasal, graphic programmer, designer, VJ and computer artist based in Berlin, Hexagrama explores the quality of time and how the geometrical coincidences change our perception of the musical composition. Running in realtime, Hexagrama was created using vvvv with midi data send to Usine. All geometrical occurrences are preprogrammed. “Hexagrama explores the geometrical properties of sacred geometry.” Other […]


Flourish [iPhone, Sound]

Flourish is a musical toy and composition tool for the iPhone. The helvetica bold and beautiful interface allows you to quickly build diverse and complex arrangements. Organised around clusters of objects, each elements has it’s own loop and is triggered by it’s arrangment and proximity to other elements. The app includes example compositions to have […]


Little Bugger [iPhone, Games]

Few months since our preview of Little Bugger, the game is finally now available in the AppStore. Crafted in beautiful black and white, Little Bugger is a take on entomophobia (fear of insects). Squash as many insects as possible without letting any get away. Great sounds, very realistic insect movement and wonderful use of iPhone’s […]


Grid [iPhone, Sound]

Grid is an open source visual synthesiser application designed for rhythmic, melodic, or textural applications. An exploration in frequency of sound and how it may be visualised. Developer description: But has joy gone blind? No; there are primary colors in sound. There are primitives to sound, to the psychological constituents of sound; though there is […]


Turn Around [iPhone]

Simple but lovely little dynamics app; Turn Around, created by coolap. There isn’t much word on the dev or previous work and it appears that the blog has been set-up just for this app. In the app, you tap to add point sprites and they will start moving around and colliding with one another. At […]


Ants Clock [iPhone]

Created by Marble Cake , Ants Clock gathers more than a hundred people, as small as ants, together to display the time and date. As the time changes some leave, new ones join. Don’t have an iPhone? Get the Mac OSX Dashboard widget here. See also the beautiful Ningen Calc X (itunes link) Platform: iPhone Version: 1.0 […]


Clock11+12 [iPhone]

Rhizomatiks continue to expand their free offering in the AppStore with the latest addition of Clock11 and Clock12. Appropriately themed and released right on time, Clock 12 shows time from the falling snow. Clock11 is a collection of spinning discs each one showing hours, minutes and seconds. Video below shows clocks 1-6. All the clocks were […]


ShapeSeq [iPhone, Sound]

ShapeSeq is a wonderfully simple sound sequencer created by Paul Apfrod using openFrameworks. Primitive shapes represent four oscillators you can choose from. As each shape is moved around the screen, the pitch and volume moves with it. Every shape has it’s own loop, and every movement is recorded on the loop for instant playback. As the […]


Coloroll [iPhone, Games]

Coloroll is a simple but beautiful color matching game brought to you by soulbit7. You start with the base colors that are the root of the game. From these three colors, Coloroll suggests a target color. Your goal is to match the mixing area to the target color by adding and reducing portions from the three base colors. […]