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    petatap_screenshots_06 copy

10/06/2014 / iOS, Javascript

Created as a collaboration between Jono Brandel (aka jonobr1) and Lullatone, Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit that allows you to play with versatile melodies charged with colourful geometric graphics. Patatap is a progression from Neuronal Synchrony and built ...
    julien_leonard_xrvg_11 copy

27/01/2014 / Other

Created by Julien Léonard, the following are what he refers to as a combination of electronic lace, algae to Indian plankton. These are also results of XRVG, a vector graphic programming environment based on the Ruby language. XRVG stands for "eXtended ...
    the_abyss_supsi_5 (1) copy
The Abyss is a 3d space where custom programs (creatures) can be built and released. By creating one or more creatures, this tutorial aims to provide an introduction into graphics, animation, interaction with Processing and expand the boundaries and the variety of ...
    n_psychotropic_2 copy

04/06/2012 / c++, Games, Windows

From a distant intergalactic space-station, the cosmic androids transmit to you uncompressed psychotropic audio-visual technology. Created by game designer Eddie Lee,"The Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots" is a C++ /OpenGL procedurally generated audio-visual application (windows only dl) that combines "funkadelic spiritual machines" with generative ...

09/07/2010 / Games, iOS

One of our favorite iPhone games ever has just got a version 3.0 update and with this downloadable content that includes both new ships and levels. If you have missed our previous post on Infinity Gene you can read it ...

03/02/2010 / iOS

addLib mixes the Grid System, a fractal theory, the golden ratio and the Facial Recognition System, and then lays out your photos acordingly leaving it up to you to choose which generated composition you like best. What may seem like ...

29/01/2010 / Processing

Created by Diana Lange, this project is a visualization of Thedor Fontane's poem "Brücke am Tay". Included are 5 different applications, each one visualising the poem in a slightly different way. Built with Processing. More information at + download the full ...

29/12/2009 / c++, iOS

iPhone development is red hot right now, with thousands of individual developers and big brands trying to carve out a miniscule piece of the Apple's rather large pie for themselves. Aside from the profit aspect, there are many creative programmers ...

27/12/2009 / Processing

untitled 246 is a video for a song with code and music created by Eduardo Omine. Video was made with Processing, toxiclibs, penner.easing lib, Robert Hodgin’s perlin noise movement, and Paul Bourke’s 2D line intersection algorithm. Music made with FL and MDA JX10. Eduardo Omine is a creative developer working with ...

24/11/2009 / Mac, Windows

NodeBox 2 is a new Mac and Windows software application for creating generative art using procedural graphics. Written in Python, and inspired by it's written code Mac only predecessor NodeBox, the new version is object based oriented programming at its front ...

15/08/2009 / Scripts

Created by Kunal Anand, Looks Delicious is a collection of visualizations for different Delicious users displaying their tagging behaviour. The looks project is my first attempt to combine graphics design with programming. The concept is to see how users develop and sustain ...
    X3 Studios - Digital Branding - Interactive Media

28/07/2009 / WebApp

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application, web-application that allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly. You begin with a simple background and from the left hand side menu you can choose a number of graphics elements you want to add. ...

28/07/2009 / Games, iOS

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is now in the AppStore! Exactly what we hoped for, the game is absolutely incredible. I have now reached sector 3 and the game is getting seriously more difficult. I have collected three weapons; rapid fire, ...

24/07/2009 / Inspiration

Siggi Eggertsson has just posted this awesome new video: Supernova. Very Siggi signature style if you haven't seen his work before. I don't want to be  human, I want to see gamma rays, I want to smell dark matter! Do you see the ...

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10/04/2009 / Games, iOS

    Eliss [iPhone]

13/03/2009 / Games, iOS

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