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Revoid.Js [Javascript]

We have a new feature javascript running on CAN:  Revoid.js by Gwen Vanhee. Click top right corner button for demo. Small experiments with the HTML5 canvas-element and javascript. Build from scratch to learn while playing and test javascript’s performance on mobile devices. Landscape is an animated 3D grid with a slowly fading trail, where user interaction creates […]


Tumblr Mosaic Viewer [WebApp]

Tumblr Mosaic Viewer allows you to view any Tumblr blog as image thumbs in two varying sizes, 100 and 250 pixels. Whether this be your favourite tumblr blogs or you would like to explore the directory, Tumblr Mosaic Viewer is a great way to view tumblr. See CAN’s thisthatandwhatnot on Tumblr Mosaic Viewer or for more awesome Tumblr […]