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sidebyside-computer copy

SideBySide [c++, Mobile, Mac, Games]

Karl D.D. Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott E. Hudson and Moshe Mahler have just released details of their latest project at Disney Research, a novel interactive system that allows multiple people to play and work together using a custom handheld device. The device combines handheld projector, IR camera and a ranging sensor. The project is a step forward […]


MotionBeam [iPod Touch, c++, Games]

The MotionBeam is a project by Disney Research that explores the use of handheld projectors to interact and control projected characters. Similarly to the project by AirCord ‘Mobile Runner’ the project explores physical movement of the projection device, much like a motion controller, how it may be used to guide and interact with the virtual/projected characters and […]


SoundGyro [iPhone, openFrameworks]

Latest is the series of sound apps from Henry Chu is SoundGyro, a sound toy that uses iPhone 4’s gyroscope to alter pitch, octave or change the key. The app is still in development and Henry is still working on developing some advanced features. We asked Henry about SoundGyro, here is some info + inspiration behind […]