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PING! Augmented Pixel [Tutorials, Games]

Augmented reality video game – by Niklas Roy (2011) In the decade where videogames were born, everything virtual looked like rectangular blocks. From today’s perspective, the representation of a tennis court in the earliest videogames is hard to distinguish from a soccer or a basketball field. ‘PING! – Augmented Pixel’ is a seventies style videogame, […]


Hard-Wired Devices [Objects, Games]

Created by Roger Ibars (2002–2011), Hard-wired devices combines game controllers and alarm clocks. Daniel puts it beautifully “frees the controller from it’s console and lets the beauty of it’s interface to sing”. Each item includes manufacturer, designer, serial number, newly mapped control details and much more.. In July 2003 Roger Ibars graduated with a Master […]


Birds [Objects]

Yesterday I made my way down to see what’s happening at the V&A for their Digital Design Weekend. Besides what is becoming a regular openFrameworks workshop at the V&A this time held by  hellicar & lewis there were also a number of exibits on show. One of these was, what I can only refer to […]


DNPWWO [Games]

In DNPWWO (Does Not Play Well With Others) Alex Myers uses “a simple video game hardware hack to subtly change the dynamics of the ubiquitous death-match mode in an effort to subvert traditional game-play. The hack also serves to change the relationships between the players. Restructuring the original ritual-combat both as the typical aggressive power-play and […]


Laser Cutter plays Super Mario [News]

Here is an interesting utilisation of a laser cutter. Posted by Jedediah Smith on vimeo, the data sent to the laser cutter has been hacked to make it play Super Mario theme song. Also attached below is another classic tune created on the “hacklaser“. Click here to see the full list of notes/commands to generate […]


RockBand Robot [iPhone]

You wouldn’t normally read about Rock Band on CAN but it has been released for the iPhone and Joe Bowers would rather have something play it for him and so would we! The light sensor sends data to an Arduino, which is waiting for a spike in the data. The Arduino runs the sensor data […]