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20/09/2013 / Objects

Created by Benjamin Muzzin for his Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, Full Turn explores the third dimension using the frame of a flat screen. By rotating screen around its central point at very high speed, Benjamin is able ...
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22/11/2012 / iOS, Kids

When Mia, my daughter, was 1 she she knew how to unlock the iPhone. When she was two she was quite confident where things are and what apps she likes most. Now that is three she knows exactly what she ...

16/07/2010 / iOS, MaxMSP, Objects, openFrameworks

Guys at the Aircord lab have just added a very interesting movie clip to our group on Vimeo. The video shows a 'pyramid shaped screen' objects with 'special film' applied to it. Once an iPad is placed on top of it, running ...
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12/03/2010 / Inspiration

Kit Webster writes: Enigmatica is a work in progress exploring new concepts in combining light, sound and space to create multi-dimensional synesthetic environments. The work experiments with spatial segmentation, illusory oddities and aural expression, freely shifting from order to disconnection and ...

20/04/2009 / iOS