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11/12/2013 / Other, Sound

Coralie Gourguechon is a designer and a paper electronics maker. Her projects aim to to demystify electronics by simplifying the execution of simple circuits in a graphical way and using paper. In one of the projects, the components are presented as icons ...

06/12/2013 / Featured, Theory

In recent years, the speculative design arms race has accelerated to a dizzying blur. In taking stock of the provocative fictions like those exhibited by Dunne & Raby, augmented by Keiichi Matsuda, or broadcast on Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, one can’t ...
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31/10/2013 / iPad, Unity

Created by Etter Studio using Unity 3D, Drei is a game about logic, skill and collaboration for the iPad. The mission is simple but things tend get in the way... explosives, thunderstorms, gravity and as always sometimes incompetent colleagues. Although available as a ...

09/08/2013 / iPad

Created by Universal Everything and inspired by the working methodology of Matt Pyke (UE lead), Loop is a drawing app for iPad that lets you easily create short hand-drawn animations and share them via email, Tumblr and in the Loop ...

16/04/2013 / iPad, iPhone, Kids

Created by Lucas Zanotto (design, concept & animation), Ulrich Troyer (sound design & music) and Niels Hoffmann (programming), idea behind Drawnimal is to expand iOS device by using simple tools like pen and paper and motivate children to learn the alphabet by leaving the digital screen ...
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10/08/2012 / Events, Featured, Theory

Visualizations are created to make data more legible. They are intended to give us a neutral portrait, so to speak, of how collections of data relate to each other. In so doing, they make information accessible to us that would ...
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08/08/2012 / Games, Sound

Sound Shapes is a musical game, designed by Jonathan Mak, Shaw-Han Liem and developed by Queasy Games in collaboration and contributing artists including Proud guise, Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie, Beck, Vic Ngyuen of Capy, Pyramid Attack, PixelJam and Superbrothers.

23/07/2012 / News, Processing

For the second time this year we are very pleased to welcome our dear friends YouWorkForThem as the sponsors of CreativeApplications.Net. Today we share a little story about how Proce55ing typeface came to be and how the same two people, 8k miles ...

22/07/2011 / Processing

Pierre Commenge aka Emoc creates knitted like photographs using Processing. The application, with no UI, follows deterministic rules where every pixel of the picture is given pictorial qualities from its components in a color space. 

26/01/2011 / openFrameworks

Inspired by the childhood memories of artworks on their bedroom walls, Here to There is a project by Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson (Design I/O) created two years ago, now available as a limited run of prints. For the project, the duo ...

16/01/2011 / iPad

Inspired by Brandon Boyer's recent IndieCade talk, Anthony Grajirena together with his brother Rob made this quite wonderful little iPad game/poem. To look around : swipe the screen, To interact : tap, To shoot : touch, drag and release. Enjoy. Under the full ...

21/10/2010 / iPhone

Launched in 2007, Poolga today is a must destination for iPhone wallpapers. It brings together both small and big names in graphic design and illustration, offering wallpaper downloads of selected works for both iPhone and iPad. Recently Poolga has also launched ...

05/06/2010 / Flash, Games, iPhone

The Pirata Boat Race pits two teams against one another to row themselves to victory. With up to ten shipmates split between two vessels, the aim is to propel your boat to the finish line before the ...

21/05/2010 / iPhone

Radiobones is the first visual radio created by guppies in the dark. Instead of looking away once you press play, Radiobones includes a skeleton which dances a routine between ballroom dance and pogo which you set in the settings panel. ...

16/05/2010 / iPhone

Inkstrumental is the latest iPhone/iPod Touch app from the London's ustwo creative studio. A collaboration between ustwo and artist Jon Burgerman, Inkstrumental allows you to create simple musical tracks and share them over youtube. As the name suggests, the app ...

29/04/2010 / iPhone

FixPix a mini Game for iPhone/iPod Touch made by Delicious Toys (Mario & Andrew) in collaboration with the world renown pixel art group Eboy. eBoy was founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. Based in Berlin and Vancouver, ...

24/04/2010 / iPhone

The Creative Review Annual is a showcase of the creative work published by the Creative Review magazine. It includes commercials, identities, posters, magazines, brochures, websites, books, music videos, installations  and in other words an endless source of inspiration from some ...

18/02/2010 / iPhone

The long awaited Noby Noby Boy from Keita Takahashi is now available in the AppStore. We wrote about it few times in the past, most recently only few days ago with the release of wonderful videos but now we can finally ...

17/02/2010 / iPhone

1:2-tone [=Halftone] converts your iPhone photos into halftone patterns. The process is simple; Browse your Photos album and pick an image, Zoom in or out and fit to the screen size, Choose dot size and then either make a wallpaper by ...

13/01/2010 / Games, iPhone

Just got a word from Mills at ustwo™ on their new 48hr app, the third in the series "...™" (dotdotdot). Although it's a little hard to tell what the task may be this time, it nevertheless appears another exciting mini-app-adventure from ...

11/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Created by Francis Lam aka db-db, Bitboxland is a platform and tool for audiovisual creation and performance. Half soundtoy, half game, Bitboxland is a a unique and joyful audiovisual playground. Tap on the objects to make sounds or turn on/off music ...

05/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Cloudie is a simple beatbox game inspired by the little clouds at the corner of Hit the moving cloud to play the beat. You will unlock more beats and a loop as the score goes up. Created by the ...

21/12/2009 / iPhone

Minipops is a collection of famous people drawn really pixelly small by Craig Robinson. The first collection of over 800 Minipops was published in 2004 by Mitchell Beazley ( and as a German Edition in 2006 by Eichborn. It's small and ...

20/12/2009 / Games, iPhone

A homage to classic point & click adventures such as Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle etc, "All Fridges Are Psychotic" is a new point & click adventure from the UK based Flag Hippo studio. Julius Brown wants to be ...

15/12/2009 / Flash

I've always been fond of Evgeny's work and most recently he has been experimenting with different visual styles producing some quite contrastive work to the one he has been doing for the last few years. Kaleidoscopes seems to be an intriguing ...

27/11/2009 / iPhone

Gloaming is a simple but beautiful sleep-timer for your iPhone and your iPod touch. Let the sun rise – and this is how you set the time. Then you can watch the sun going down while you are listening to ...

22/10/2009 / Inspiration

Handdrawn audio-responsive video exploration by Belgium based Gwen Vanhee. See also his Flickr + Vimeo + make sure you watch the video below at HD. Audio: Amon Tobin - El Cargo via Flightpattern - CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

23/09/2009 / iPhone

Created by Kenichi Onodera is a range of clock apps for the iPhone created/styled by a number of illustrators/artists from Japan. All apps are free and each one is as wonderful as the other. Artists include: jobin, rocketdesign (Shingo Kikuchi), Kaori ...

18/09/2009 / iPhone

Like most days of my life I am running late; a mixture of a lot on my plate and laziness are usually the contributing factors for these situations I find myself in. People are usually pretty forgiving but trains, not ...

18/09/2009 / Games, iPhone

Fozwot is a beautiful tilt and swerve iPhone game adventure through stunningly crafted gothic world created by Lofopi games studio. You play Fozwot, a punky caterpillar like creature. As you tilt your iPhone or iPod touch, he dynamically twists, turns, stretches ...
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