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Cyclotone (2012) by Paul Prudence

This new piece by Paul Prudence takes conceptual cues from cyclotrons and particle accelerators and alludes to aspects of particle physics, space exploration and 4-dimensional space. It is inspired to commemorate the first wave of Russian cosmonauts and also the artists of the Constructivist movement who conquered space conceptually.


TEDxVancouver – Jer Thorp – The Weight of Data

In case you’ve never seen or heard our dear friend and guest writer Jer Thorp speak on stage, this is a simple must. His talk from TEDxVancouver last November is finally online. Jer talks about the summer of 1985, when his father came home with a classic Mac. Loaded on that machine was a revolutionary program called […]


Op de Beeck [iPhone]

Produced by The July 16 and developed by Bowyer, “Op de Beeck” for the iPhone is based on the short-movie “Sea of Tranquillity” by the award winning contemporary artist Hans Op de Beeck. The app allows endless browsing through the 9 movie scenes with insight into the story that take place on a fictional cruise liner created by the […]


Start From The Beginning [Inspiration]

„Start from the Beginning“ – Egyptrixx / Bible Eyes LP (Night Slugs 2011) Animated short by A. N. Fischer / Datdatdat. You should watch it in HD on Vimeo. The video examines the relationship between the simulated image and its physical manifestation. The landscape appearing in the video references one of Fischer´s relief sculptures ( The […]


Nonmanifold Mandible [Inspiration]

Nonmanifold_mandible investigates loss of control over human emotions. To parallel unreasonable human behaviours, control over a digital charachter’s facial expression is given to four channels of emotive audio, allowing for violent reactions and a loss of identity. Created by Ben F. Carney. Digital Video, 720X486, Projected/Displayed on a flat panel monitor Shown at the Museum 1626 gallery during […]


The Transcendent City [Inspiration]

Richard Hardy, a recent graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, created this amazing video, exploring questions whether the conception of artificial intelligence has been a necessity in human evolution and if we therefore should embrace emergent technologies to engage with problems of sustainability and the city — for Nic Clear’s Unit 15. Richard writes: The […]


The Culture of Game Jams [Games]

Game jams here in Europe are this weird thing. You meet up with people to develop a game in a really short time, usually something between 24 and 72 hours. Most jams have a theme that the games should be about. It’s either something very open or something very silly. I attended three game jams […]